September 4, 2011

Regressions - What is Going On Here?!?

Our youngest three children are having some issues. Our two older children and I seem to be doing fine. I'm trying to figure out what could have happened to cause our current state of being and I have a few ideas.

First I want to say that there has been so much healing that I don't think anyone would have any idea that anything is wrong unless they know my kids well. Most people would likely call their behavior "normal". I know it is not normal for my children anymore.

Our youngest (2 1/2), who has never had a vaccine and who has been on the GAPS diet from the start (4 months old), has been fussy, emotionally reactive, tactile, and rigid. His poos are a mess and stinky and he has a rash in his diaper area. We have not seen that in forever. He also avoids eye contact and has grabbed at his eyes some like CKS did when he regressed.

Our four year old, the one who regressed into autism after the vaccine just over two years ago, is behaving just like his older brother did at the same age. [The blessing in this is that I get to respond to all of the same behaviors as a New Creation in Christ. They are still difficult behaviors to deal with, but I am able to handle everything with more grace this time around. I believe (I know) that this is only temporary.] He has become very tactile. He's gasping for breath, like he did after Christmas. He is always moving. He's constantly humming, groaning, moaning, crying, or talking; never silent. He asks the same questions over and over and tells us the same stuff over and over. He talks and makes noise WHILE I'm talking to him. He can't focus to accomplish simple tasks and needs step by step help. He's eating messy and making messes in the bathroom. He's touching everything and climbing on everything! He itches in places.

Our seven year old, who also changed after receiving the same vaccine, has been itchy and somewhat emotionally reactive.

So here are my thoughts:

We changed eggs to soy-free, corn-free fed chicken eggs.

We started eating more eggs.

Maybe they caught a bug and the regressions come because they are sick.

Bio-Kult changed their packaging and their formula. They took out the maltodextrin.

I think it is the Bio-Kult.

Hopefully it is die-off from a more potent Bio-Kult probiotic and it is bringing a greater degree of healing which will be revealed to us after they get through this. This theory makes sense because the company who sold us the Bio-Kult told me the new capsule and packaging produces a more consistent and potent product. My littlest ones are the ones reacting. Their bodies are smaller. Usually, when it is a food reaction, everyone reacts.

I think we will press on for a bit. I will back off salicylate foods, fruit, and honey. We will eat fewer eggs for a while. If things do not get better soon, I will find a new source of eggs. Next step, I would back off on the Bio-Kult and/or consider switching to Custom Probiotics.

In the meantime, I will pray and trust God to lead us and provide for us. Please pray for us to get through this period of regressions with grace.

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