September 7, 2012

We Can Eat Anything

We can and do eat anything!  We went out to eat with the grandparents tonight to a place where the food was served buffet style or you could get Hibachi grilled on the spot after picking out the foods you wanted to cook.  It was pretty unhealthy, nasty stuff from a health food perspective, but we are happy to be free to share in fellowship with the ones we love.  My kids had never seen anything like it and were amazed at all of the choices.  The grandparents had fun seeing their reactions to everything.  Overall it was gross: too much fried foods, too much sugar, too much processed foods, unhealthy fats, table salt, etc., etc., but we had a great time, and I didn't have to cook or do any dishes.

But I do not need to fear, because it was not the GAPS diet that healed us; it was God who healed us!  The kingdom of God is not about food or drink, but about righteousness, and about peace and joy in the Holy Spirit!  The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in me!  He gives life to my mortal body!  He healed us!  God set us free from the bondage of having to follow a strict diet in order to be well.  Not only did He save us from our sin, He saved us from our sickness, too.  We are well because God is love, and Love heals!

I am walking in faith everyday and seeing miracles everyday, because God is good all the time, His love endures forever, His faithfulness continues through all generations, nothing is impossible for God, He rewards those who earnestly seek Him, and His WORD is TRUE!  I have come to a place where I believe His word over my past experiences.  His word trumps my experience.  According to our faith, it will be done to us.  Fear is the opposite of faith, and I have let go of fear and choose to walk in faith.

My other blog is about my current walk with the Lord.  He is amazing!  Check it out!

My children and I are all healed of multiple GAPS symptoms: anger, frustration, eczema, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, anxiety, ADD, reactions to most foods and chemicals, and much more.  I am nearly 37 weeks pregnant with my sixth child and this is the first pregnancy without pre-term contractions or any of the pregnancy complaints that plagued my earlier pregnancies.  God is good.  I am truly healed!

It is Good News!  Jesus is Good News!  Seek Him!


  1. Hello Homeschool Mama!!
    Wow...what an amazing journey you have been on! I wish you only love and peace as you prepare to have your 6th child. Reading about you and your family I see you are walking testaments to the love, grace and wonder of HIS love.

    My 21 year old college daughter came across your blog, as she was searching for answers and/or resources for the GAPS diet. She has gut dysbiosis, and numberous food intolerances and is basically now following the Full GAPS diet, with the intention of doing the Intro over her Christmas break here at home in Houston. She is a senior at the University of Virginia. She has walked a tough path these past 2 years in college with her health issues....chronic constipation, increasing food intolerances, diagnosied hypothyroidism (probably auto-immune), gas, bloating, PCOS/no menustrating. She has been walking with HIM the whole way and loves the LORD.

    I thought I would contact you, just with some basic questions, as I am sensing, from what I have found so far locally, getting the proper foods for the INTRO phases is not the easiest thing here in big Houston. I know Whole Foods we can maybe just get Beef organic/grassfed bones, and Georgia's Market (off I-10) too. And same for Chickens too, and pasture raised/organic Chickens too. I went to a local farmer's market this past Saturday (Urban Harvest at Richmond and Eastside)and found several seemingly good local organic farms for vegetables (for fermenting). The INTRO phase seems so restrictive and maybe a bit complicated. I have been gathering info for some time now, all gearing up for December.

    I was just wondering if you could share with me some of your food resources here in Houston.

    We (she and I, along with her younger 18 year old freshman in college age sister, and maybe Dad as well) will be doing GAPS Intro roughly mid-December to mid-January, and are hoping and praying the healing will begin to take effect during that time. It has been a 2 year journey to get to the root of her issues....all from being on too many antibiotics when younger, then on them for 5 years for acne...oh, so wrong now I see. As a mother, I have been dealing with guilt, and know that is getting me no where. I am trying to let go of that. And to have and give it to the LORD. Yes, fear is opposite of faith, my fear is present, yet I know it is only faith in HIS power, love and grace that will help her. And I would love to know some tips from you!!!

    Thank you so very much. And GOD's speed to you as you prepare for a blessed are probably too busy to respond to this...but, any info you are able to pass along, resources that you had good experience with...would so greatly appreciate!!

    1. I apologize for not posting or replying to this before now. I intended to, but I guess things got a bit busy before the birth of our youngest son, now three months old. It was an amazing birth and he's an incredibly healthy baby. Praise the Lord for His healing touch upon our family. This baby even slept 9 hours last night! That IS a miracle! I'm sure I am too late to help you with resources for intro, but I would love to share with you and encourage you as you go. If you send me your name and e-mail via a post, I can delete it after I get your contact information. It will never post. I find that personal, one-on-one encouragement is more meaningful and helpful. Our Creator made us for relationships. He made us to be filled with His love so that we could share His love with one another. It would give me great joy to give some of my time to pray for you and to encourage you so that your family will enjoy the blessing of good health, because YOU are amazing, and He loves you so much.

  2. I cant find where to send you a personal message? please help