June 18, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again -Update

Here we are again. Since my girls have gotten horse crazy recently, I have had a lot of help in the kitchen and around the house. They are working hard because they want horseback riding lessons. It is amazing what a 9 year old is capable of doing in the kitchen. Other than regular headaches, she has been doing great! (Only one recent anger episode in months)

Since I mentioned the 9 year old, I will tell about her first. Her eczema is gone. She can eat fruit without getting itchy "down there", or anywhere for that matter. She can eat nut butter. She can now eat berries. Yay!

Our 11 year old son is doing great, too. I took him to be evaluated for sensory processing and auditory issues and although he still has some issues, I don't think it will be enough to warrant any therapy. I am still waiting for results to come back. But...I do want help. He still has much trouble remembering things and hearing things and understanding them correctly. He still has trouble with basic writing skills, like capital letters, spelling, spacing, indentions, margins, etc. (very basic stuff). At the beginning of the diet, I remember that all of his issues seemed to melt away, but they came back.

Our 6 year old is eating better. She has good days and bad days, mostly good days. Some days she likes the food. Some days, not so much. She always eats it though and we have very few tantrums anymore. She still itches very bad if you give her fruit. She pretty much always itches. (carrots? Winter squash? Peas?). I refuse to limit her diet any more as we are already so limited. She also gets leg cramps occasionally if we eat lots of onions. She had tantrums every weekend after our Friday homeschool co-op. We finally realized, after co-op was over, that she was reacting to the hand sanitizer that her department required upon entry and before snack. Co-op is over. No more tantrums every weekend. It could be why she is not doing as well as her older siblings. Healing seems slower for her.

Our 3 year old is amazing! He is talking non-stop. On good days, he speaks clearly and talks about all kinds of different things. On bad days, he talks very loud, repeats things over and over, and has a whiny sing song lilt to everything he says. On good days, he is cheerful, easy going, and helpful. On bad days, he is grumpy, rigid, and demanding. On good days, he eats well using a fork and a spoon and keeps it all on the plate or in his mouth. On bad days, he eats with his fingers or shovels it in with his fork and ends up wearing a good bit of it in his hair and on his clothes.

Today was good and bad for our 3year old. He pretended to be a cat a lot today (good). He was constantly meowing and rubbing and rolling on everyone (mostly me) all day (nice, but too much). He whined everything he said, but would change it to nice words when prompted. He had to have a bandaid put on his cut, but would pull it off within minutes, and then he would ask for another bandaid (over and over and over). He needed to be held and carried right when I needed to be preparing dinner. Language was pretty clear. Yay!

The baby is doing fine!

Gotta go to bed! G'night.

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