July 27, 2010

intro Again

It has been eleven months since we started GAPS. We have seen some wonderful progress in terms of cognitive development and behavioral improvements. Yay!

We still have not been able to add a lot of new foods and are still very limited in what we eat, so we are going back to intro to try to heal and seal the gut so we can add more food in sooner. That is our hope.

I am not going to revisit intro, as I am still nursing and it did seem to have a negative effect on the little one the first time around. I couldn't do that to him again. He's doing so well.

Good news: the boys have been on stage one for three days, with a bit of Biokult, and are doing well with no major flu-like die-off symptoms. The girls started today and are doing quite well. I moved two of the boys on to stage two, introducing a bit of egg yolk into their broth. So far, so good. Our 3yo ds is still on stage one due to diarrhea. Maybe tomorrow? I think that the girls will start stage two tomorrow, too. yay!

I am very hopeful that they will all be able to tolerate eggs this time around. We will go very slow and carefully with the eggs since they caused major regressions eight to eleven months ago. I have been chicken to try them again, but now the time is right.

By God's grace, I pray that enough healing has taken place over the past eleven months and that we will all be able to add more and more foods and expand our diets quite a bit. By God's grace, I would be happy if we could add eggs and ghee and butter!

I just know it is going to go well this time around.

Please, Lord, let it be so. Amen!

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