July 30, 2010

Die-off Tales

One week on intro, second time 'round, and we have not had too many reactions. A little tired, a little achey, a headache, but not much else, so I have been increasing the probiotic and I introduced a small bit of egg yolk.

All is well overall, but yesterday, when I increased the probiotic, the two that had reacted to their vaccines had die-off reactions.

Our six year old threw several tantrums, got mad at her sister, cried like the end of the world when it was time for our neighbor to go home, cried at bath time, and cried at bedtime because she wanted Mommy, not Daddy, to put her to bed.

Our three year old became very tactile, lost eye-contact, talked in a whiney voice, spilled things and dropped things, cried at bedtime, woke once in the night and was up for the day in a grouchy mood at 630 in the morning. His little fingers are always by his face, scratching his nose, eye, or ear. He repeats questions over and over and over. He also woke up with a croupy cough, which seems to happen with die-off. It was gone by the time everyone else got up for the day. He seems generally off today, but not too bad.

Baths help and we will hold at the same level of probiotic and the same amount of egg yolk for these two little ones until things settle out for them. This is about the pace I am comfortable with. It has been and can get much worse. I don't want to go there. I will continue to increase and add things for the others.

Oh, yeah. The baby is a bit crankier than usual. He says no a lot and cries at nap and bedtime. Could be die-off or the fact that he is cutting six teeth. Hmmm.

Thank You, Lord, for the healing that You are bringing to our family. Thank You for giving my kids an opportunity to live healthy and happy lives. May they give You honor and glory all the days of their lives. May they live for You in all they say and do. May they be mighty warriors in You Kingdom. Amen!

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