September 24, 2010

So It Goes

So I have been reporting all of these praises lately and it was bound to happen: these last two days have been so hard.

I increased to Bio-Kult twice this week by 1/5 of a capsule each time. Two days ago I increased it for the second time, so we are all up to 2 and 2/5 capsules per day. (the baby only takes one) I also added a tsp of bone broth to our daily broth about three days ago. I know, too many changes all at once. I also increased coconut oil and olive oil and ghee to previously tolerated amounts. Yes, yes, I know. Too many changes. Oh, and scrambled eggs, too. Just a little.

So, I have been irritable, angry, tired, depressed, and just plain hard to live with. The baby is a wee bit fussy, but could be cuing off of me or reacting to my detox through breast milk. CKS has been rigid and fussy. He freaks out over putting his spoon in the wrong place or baby brother touching anything that he considers his own. These things don't phase him much anymore, but I guess it was all a bit too much. KES, age six, can't yawn and she itches all over. Granted, it is nothing like it was before. She also woke up once in the night with really bad leg cramps. The older two are only having mild reactions, the worst of which are poor handwriting, misspelled words, flipped and switched letters. Schoolwork suffers, but their attitudes have been great!

I think we will just hold where we are at for a few days. Detox baths help a bunch and CKS is already doing better tonight. Yea! I think we will get through this soon.


  1. Oh how I love reading your posts. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Do you know about food chemicals--like salicylates and amines? I've learned that many/most of my symptoms arise from eating foods high in histamine. (I also can't tolerate gluten or casein) But, I believe it all goes back to an unhealthy gut--hence, the reason I am doing GAPS. Still, in the meantime, I avoid the higher histamine foods because I know I can't handle them yet.

    Have you ruled out food chemicals as the secondary cause of the emotional and physical issues? I know coconut oil is naturally very high in salicylates.

    Sorry if all this is old news to you. :)

  3. Yes, I have been aware of this for years. Starting more than 5 years ago, we have all been gluten-free, which helped a bit. About 5 years ago we discovered the Feingold diet, which is a chemical free diet, avoiding all chemical additives and preservatives. Stage 1 Feingold also eliminates all food sources high in natural salicylates. We were stage 1 Feingold for 4 years prior to GAPS.


  4. If you read early posts, you will see thoughts on this. We went GF, then we went no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and no natural salicylates (Feingold), then GFCF/no sugar/Feingold, then GAPS. With GAPS, we are finally adding things back in instead of taking them out. Yay!

  5. Yep, I've been on a similar road myself, starting 7 years ago.
    With each food cut out, I felt much better... First, I cut out gluten....then casein, too---then soy, too. I've generally avoided sugar/processed foods for several years, too. Several months ago, when my symptoms got to their worst, it seemed like I was reacting to ALL flour and all the gluten-free German food that I thought I would be able to tolerate. That's when I found out all about food chemicals and the SCD diet--which led me to GAPS. Histamine ties many of my food intolerances together. In addition, I think I'm sensitive to the opioid-peptides contained in gluten and casein, because I find them very addicting. Salicylates are also a lesser problem for me.
    Yes--GAPS finally holds true promise of letting me enjoy these foods again. Although, I'll probably always keep it light on the grains.

  6. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I can feel as you feel b/c before we had Carleigh I was drawn to the stories too. And there was no reason to but I'm glad that I was. Sorry for the loss that you had. Wishing you the best.