November 12, 2010

Just Like Big Brother

So I had written quite a bit more about this, but an error occurred when saving and I lost it all, so I will put it all simply.

When CKS regressed, he exhibited many of the same characteristics of his big brother that had not previously been characteristic of himself.

Lately, as we have been working through this latest period of slight regression, he keeps doing things that totally remind me of his big brother. He must be with me and even touching me nearly all of the day. He wants to go everywhere I go. He wants me to do everything for him. He wants only me to put him to bed. Today, he was negotiating all day. He repeats his statements and requests over and over and demands that you answer him again and again. I told him I would give him to the count of twenty to finish a particular activity and he said, "How 'bout ten or thirty?" My oldest did that for everything!!! It's maddening!!! Of course, I said, "Twenty."

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