March 27, 2011

Update on the Update

Let's see if I can get this all down before my battery dies.

So I have been taking detox baths and I have been sleeping better. Yay!

We had CKS (almost 4) treated and he is doing amazing. He has had a bit of honey everyday. He has eaten spinach, cucumber, tomato, black pepper, fresh apple juice, and cauliflower. Also, finally, the Pro-EFA fish oil. No reactions. Cheeks are clearing up. Urination less frequent and less urgent. Eye-contact is unbelievable! His eyes sparkle with life. Praise God!!! Thank you, Jesus!

Our two older kids have had a rough week after getting sealants from the dentist. I will have to think twice about that the next time. Weak. Tired. Achey. Sick to stomach. Headaches. Emotional and behavioral issues. They are not themselves this week. It has been five days. It is a bit better, but not yet back to our new normal. Ack!

KES (almost 5) is up late with leg cramps. Not sure where that came from.

KRS (10) has had a rough day. Emotional upset. Generally negative and unhappy. Headache. And more. We quit giving her fruit and honey as of yesterday because of eczema and signs of yeast. She may be having a bit of die-off. Eczema is better and is healing so I think we may be on to something.

SSS (almost 2) is throwing a lot of tantrums (itty bitty tantrums) these days. He's two (almost), but I think he may be responding to everything and everyone around him. I have noticed that his worst days are always on my worst days.

So, I am thinking that it might be beneficial to have everyone's food sensitivities treated and then repeat intro one more time. We could actually progress through the intro diet and get to full GAPS and therapeutic doses of probiotics, as well as FCLO, Pro-EFA, seed and nut oils, kefir and other ferments. Then we would really be on our way to complete healing.

God is also working in our lives to break us free of strongholds that have kept us in bondage for too long. Praise God, for He is working in us and He is going to bring healing to our family: mind, body, and soul! He is able! He is willing! I have only to trust and obey.

Trust and obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey!

Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33)

Read God's Word. Pray and talk to Him about it. Ask Him to give you wisdom. Ask Him to show you what it all means. I do not remember the reference at this moment, but His Word says that he will show you unsearchable things that you have never before known. He does! His Word IS living. It is amazing what He can do! Seek Him and you WILL find Him! I am finding Him to be more beautiful than I ever imagined He could be!

Jesus, thank You for revealing yourself to me in such a personal way. Thank You for the peace that comes from the readiness of the gospel. Thank you for teaching me to put on the full armor of God and to take up the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Thank You for teaching me to pray at all times about all kinds of things. (Ephesians 6:10-18)

You, Lord, are faithful through all generations. You will complete the good work you started in me. It is you, God, who works in me to will and to act according to Your good purpose (Philippians 2:13). Thank You for keeping me in Your arms and for carrying my children close to Your heart and for leading me gently (Isaiah 40:11). Amen.

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