April 3, 2011

Happy Fourth Birthday!!!

We celebrated CKS' birthday last Tuesday. It was one of the most delightful birthdays ever.

He woke up to find a birthday card by his bed. It was a fire truck birthday card. He enjoyed hearing all of the special messages written on the balloons. We had to add a few more messages, dictated by the birthday boy, of course.

He was so excited that his birthday had finally arrived. He went out into the living room to find it decorated with streamers and balloons. Also, there were party hats hanging from the ceiling on white streamers in the kitchen.

We had to cut one balloon free from the bunch so that he could carry it around with him all day. We clipped it to the back of his chair at mealtimes.

His special friend and his friend's baby brother came to spend the morning with us. They found the party blow outs. You know the ones: they look like frog tongues stretching out to catch a fly. They were black and white checked with a Cars picture attached. What fun we all had tagging each other with these simple toys. Even SSS (almost 2) eventually figured out how to make them work. We played with them until they all broke.

We had some regular balloons to bat around, too.

In the evening, the grandparents came over. We sang Happy Birthday, blew out candles, and ate cupcakes (made from nut butter, eggs, and butternut squash). Then, CKS opened presents. Such great fun. So many smiles. Such bright eyes and so full of life.

Ever since we had CKS treated for his food allergies/sensitivities, his eyes just sparkle. He's doing great! He can have honey and fruit (still) without any reactions. He's loving it!!! It is so good to see him so well.

We praise God for every step forward. I am thankful for God's leading. I hope and pray for continued healing, for complete healing. Thank You, Lord, for bringing so much healing to my little boy. Amen.

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  1. One more question :) I see you treated your kids for food allergies with success....did you do NAET? Just curious. :) Let me know if you are ever able to talk sometime! It has been helpful to talk to a few people on the phone who are further along than us (and have MAJOR struggles vs. being easily on full gaps at 3 months). Thanks, friend! Tracy (tracy.mccurley@gmail.com)