April 21, 2011

Day 14 - later

I woke up sore and swollen. My tummy was flat. I took my Bio-Kult and drank water. I had a little carrot juice and bloated a little bit. I ate soups with sauerkraut juice and egg yolks all day with one cheat of a tiny bit of raw honey (supposed to be ok in tea, but I just had a little on the tip of a spoon). I resisted licking my fingers or any utensils while making and serving nut butter to my kids for a snack.

I felt tired, as in wiped out, after every meal. I'm very bloated. I haven't had a BM for two days and will have to take care of that tonight.

Why the bloating? Die-off or food intolerance? Oh, how I wish I knew. I e-mailed a bunch of questions to my doctor (chiropractor and naturopath) and am waiting to hear what he has to say about everything. Ah, well, I feel better on intro, even with die-off, than I did a few weeks ago.

Why am I doing intro again? I was nursing a new baby when we started, I had no idea what I was doing, and I couldn't cook for anything. I want to give it one good shot at doing this by the book and see what happens. I do think (actually I am most certain) that it is parasites that are holding us all back. I did ask my doctor about this. He has already told me that he can help us figure out what would be the best cleanse to do for our family. I think we will all need to do this very soon. It IS part of the protocol, but we have never done it because I just couldn't figure out which one to do. So...pressing on and moving forward.


  1. Have you ever considered oxalates?
    Carrots and nuts are VERY high in them.. and they produce all the symptoms you are describing- bloating, fluid retention, muscle and joint pain and insomnia/'wired' feeling.

  2. I have and that is a definite possibility. I am not wanting to eliminate another whole food group when my diet is already so limited. However, that may very well be why I reacted to those small cheats to the intro diet. I will keep it in mind. Thank you.

  3. Happy Easter, friend! I am up WAY early today as I am stuggling through our journey with GAPS. We are 7 months along and running into a sulfur issue....we have not made it far into the stages. A little discouraging. I was pleased to see Jesus is your Lord.... :) I have so struggled with keeping Him first in this journey. GAPS can be such an idol. Anyway, I was wondering if you had any thoughts about your sulfur problem as we are seeing it clearly here.

    Thank you, friend! My email is tracy.mccurley@gmail.com if you have time!

  4. My comment was just erased by accident, but I wanted to highly recommend different probiotics (other than Biokult). Biokult didn't seem to do anything for my kids or I, but I've tried a variety recently that we've had successes with: Nature's Way "Primadophilus" and GT Dave's Kombucha drinks. The kombucha drinks are especially powerful.
    I'm ordering Dr. Ohhira's Original Formula Probiotic, too, after hearing rave reviews.
    I sometimes wonder if Biokult is formulated properly. For how expensive it us, it didn't seem to have any impact after being on it for several weeks (at the regular daily dosage). On the other hand, the Primadophilus cured my son of his severe chronic constipation within 2 days (he's been regular for over 2 months, now--Praise God!)

    Just wanted to put those recommendations out there. Hope you're doing much better since you're post!

  5. Cris,
    How are you? It's been so long since you've posted. I know you've been taking a break from the computer, but I hope you can let us all know how you're doing soon!! I love reading your blog, it is so inspiring.
    Suzy Gallup