April 13, 2011

Update on Food Sensitivity Elimination Technique

I was treated for all of my food sensitivities and I enjoyed eating many new foods for a time without seeing any reactions, but it did not seem to last or work well when it came to apples and dairy. My last two menstrual cycles were painful and preceded by several days of insanity. I really felt angry and out of control. My current cycle is symptom free, as I have not had dairy in weeks and I started intro just before. What a dramatic difference!

I do think that the treatment has had an impact on my being able to add eggs, bone broths, and marrow without any problems. I am not nauseous after eating the soups made with bone broth. I am not irritable. I do not have any headaches.

We also treated our four year old, CKS. He is doing great! He is growing, learning, and developing normally for his age. His rashes have all faded away. His cheeks are so soft and kissable, not red and scratchy like sandpaper. He is happy and creative and playful. He looks at me and talks to me. He interacts with people all day long in a cheerful and easygoing way. He is even easygoing with his baby brother who just turned two. Amazing!

He is still eating little bits of fruit and honey and he is not turning into a sensory-seeking wild child as he has in the past. He is still eating some cucumber and tomato with a little salt and pepper. He had a little kiwi and a little pear today. No problems.

He is not having as many bathroom emergencies as he had before the treatment. There is definitely less urgency.

Apples seemed to induce rigidity and anxiety leading to meltdowns when things didn't work out like he imagined they should. For example, he wanted seconds on something but did not tell me and he began to cry when I sat down without putting any more food on his plate. He does get over it faster, though. Interestingly, I still have an issue with apples, too, even after the treatment. I wonder what is up with that.

All in all, I'm very pleased with the results of the allergy treatment.

My thoughts are to treat the other kids and redo the intro for each of them. I think it will make a huge difference in progressing through intro and getting the healing food into their precious little bodies. We had a rough time getting through the intro stages when we started, as we reacted to everything. I remember eggs being quite a traumatic experience. Anyway, these are my current thoughts. Lord, help me to see clearly what should be done.

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