April 21, 2011

Intro Again - Day 14

I hurt.

I am very happy with soup and sauerkraut and egg yolks. My tummy is flat. I'm sleeping well. I feel great mentally. I added some carrot juice yesterday and plan to increase that so I can stay with soups and egg yolks for a while (I found that I should be fine hanging out on stage two if I include juicing, too - from FAQ page of the gapsme website).

So why do I hurt? Carrot juice? Maybe. Or could be the fingerful of nutbutter I cheated with yesterday while serving my kids a snack. Maybe. Can't say for sure, but my whole body hurts, my hands and feet are swollen, I can't make a fist, and I felt like I was awake all night. Such a big reaction to such a small amount of whatever.

What is it about intro that makes food so powerful? Why is it that I could eat these things before intro and not now? I ate them, but I was constantly bloated. I did not test well for any of these foods, but I was treated for them. Why do I have such a strong reaction now?

I need to go and talk to God about this. Only He really knows what is going on here.

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