April 12, 2011

Intro Again - Day 5

So far, so good, although I do not recommend taking a full capsule of Bio-Kult on day two.

I felt great on day one. I figured that I had been taking seven capsules of Bio-Kult for months and had only gone one day with none so one seventh of that dose should be a breeze. Was I ever wrong! I was so sick by the end of day two and through the night. Headache. Swollen glands. Stuffy nose. Sore achy muscles. Sick tummy. Weak, very weak. So I took a day off and have taken about a quarter cap a day for several days now with no problem.

I'm sleeping much better already. Yay!!! It's worth it.

I am putting a bit of sauerkraut juice and an egg yolk in every bowl of soup. I'm eating about 3-5 bowls of soup in a day.

I have been surprised at how easy it has been for me to prepare and serve other food for my kids without being tempted by it. Right now I am feeling like I need something. I want to eat something, but not soup. I think I will go have a bowl of soup right now with lots of added fat. Maybe I will feel satisfied after that.

I think that I want to eat because it is so quiet in the house. The little three are all asleep and the older two are at a ballgame with Daddy. It is NEVER this quiet in my house. It feels very strange.

What I am really excited about is that I can actually do intro as it is laid out (minus the fermented fish). My soups are delicious. I am no longer grossed out by chicken skins and raw egg yolks. I can feed my kids GAPS food and know that it tastes good without tasting it. We always have sauerkraut juice and sauerkraut available because we make it weekly. There is no learning curve and to top it all off, I already have 19 months of healing behind me. I am doing this alone so I can take my time and go at my own pace. No pressure.

Funny thing is...several of my children are begging me to restart intro after Easter. Go figure. I'll have to think about that. Everyone wants to eat my soups. No. No. No. Mine! All mine!!

I love my kids. I love my family. Oh! Thank You, Lord, for what You are doing in our family right now. You are transforming us by the renewing of our minds. You are helping us to break free from patterns and habits that have been repeated for years. Things are changing. Relationships are growing and developing. Children are maturing and understanding. I am finally understanding things I never understood before. I will continue to seek You and Your Kingdom. Keep up the good work You started in us. I know that You are faithful to complete it! Amen!


  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences with GAPS! I am learning a lot from you. What sort of recipe are you following to make your sauerkraut? I would like to start making fermented veggies. Sorry about the one capsule of Biokult knocking you down! We are on our second round of intro and are able to go faster in some areas. It's wonderful how God has shown us what we need at the right time.

  2. Debora,

    Thank you for your kind comments. I am definitely having an easier time with intro this third time around. 19 months of GAPS and the food sensitivity elimination technique makes all the difference for me. I'm sailing through. The fact that I can eat egg yolks just makes me so happy.

    Sauerkraut: I use my food processor to shred about 9 cabbages and grate about 2 pounds of carrots. I put it all in a huge stockpot, add about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of Celtic sea salt, and knead it with my hands until I get lots of liquid and the veggies are soft. (sometimes I chop up one small onion and some parsley and add it to about 1/4 of the kraut in another pot for variety)

    I stuff the veggies into quart jars (or half gallon jars) up to about a 1/4 inch from the bottom of the neck. I cover with a cabbage leaf (pulled off and saved before shredding - I guess at how many I may need and it depends on what size jars I use). I press down with a glass shot glass turned on it's side so the liquid can flow in and out then cap with the lid. I bought shot glasses at Bed Bath and Beyond, six for ten dollars. They press the cabbage down into the liquid and provide space for the liquid to expand. It still overflows, so I put my jars in plastic lunchmeat packages to catch the overflow.

    I've experimented lots with sauerkraut and this is what works best for me. There are lots of ways to make it. It is hard to mess it up. Have you tried yet?

    Some people leave about an inch and a half space at the top of the jar. I have not figured out how that works. My cabbage rots that way.

    Sometimes, like if I forget to save leaves, I just stuff the veggies all the way to the top and press the lid on.

    If I have extra leaves and extra liquid, I find a jar that is the right size to hold the extras and I fill it full to the top. We eat the fermented leaves like pickles. My kids love them. It is hard to go wrong with sauerkraut. Ours is always good. It always tastes a little different because I never measure anything, but it is always good. Wishing you the best. Let me know how it goes.

  3. Hi!
    I'm curious, what allergy elimination did you guys use? We did Bioset BAX with my 4yo, but it was a very long, expensive process that took about 8 months, one treatment per week. I'm sure a similar treatment would help me and my 6yo, but BAX was too long and expensive for us to want to take it on...

  4. The technique was labeled as BSET. It was a one time treatment to this point with one month followup visits and recommended supplements as indicated by testing. I was taking three supplements (quit to follow intro), but my son has only had the initial treatment. Not sure where we will go from here. Will it last? Can't say. It sure makes a difference at the moment.