November 2, 2009

Day 56 - Moving Forward - Stage 4 and a bit of Stage 5 (Cheating)

Too tired to post often.  GAPS related?  Probably.  Baby related?  Definitely.

It has been busy around here as of late.  We made squash pie several times these past few weeks.  I am now officially the GAPS Queen.  My children love me (because of the pie) and there isn't a speck of sugar in the pie, but they love it.  What a treat!  We have been to the Children's Museum with a friend.  The older two kids took an orientation class at our local library.  The kids have had a number of playdates.  We had a Reformation Party at our church on the 31st (yesterday).  Our dishwasher broke, so we have had to handwash ALL of our dishes.  Our 8 year old had a friend spend the night 2 nights ago.  It has been crazy busy around here!

Yes!  Our dishwasher broke!  Can you believe it?  When we started the Feingold Diet, our pipes broke and our refrigerator broke.  We start the GAPS diet and our dishwasher breaks.  It figures!  SO, we went out today and bought a new one.  I never liked my dishwasher anyway, but we could have lived without the extra expense.  However, since the opportunity presented itself, we bought a dishwasher with a stainless steel tub, extra large capacity, power sprayers for baked on food, nylon racks that won't rust, and an adjustable upper rack so we can fit a large stock pot in the bottom if we want to.  My sweet hubby will pick it up and install it on Tuesday.  Two more days of washing dishes by hand...

Having a friend spend the night was a new experience and a first while on the GAPS intro diet.  Thankfully, the friend who came to spend the night was NOT a picky eater and loved our good healthy food.  She was also sugar-free, so she wasn't expecting any sweet treats and everyone had a great time!

Last night was the Reformation Party at our church.  They learn about how Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses on the church door and started the Reformation.  They get to dress up if they want to.  There are games to play, prizes to win, and a moonwalk to jump in.  It all started with dinner, but we skipped that part and ate at home.  There was supposed to be a hay ride this year, but it just didn't work out.  Sometimes these things happen.  Our kids did very well and had a great time, even though they were surrounded by candy prizes and lots of other kids eating candy all around them.  They played the games and picked out candies for their daddy to take to work and put in his candy dish and they picked out toys and stuffed animals to bring home for themselves.  I made squash pie for them.  They looked forward to that all day.  I also took frozen organic mango as a treat for the older three.  Our 2 year old went home with Daddy before I got that out.  He would have had some, too, but he needed to go home and get some sleep.  They were delighted.  I had to explain that it was a one day infraction and it did not mean that we were adding it in to our diet just yet.  They thought it was a wonderful treat!  Turns out that the girls had issues as a result of the mango.  I think it was too sugary.  We definitely have yeast issues.  Oh, well.  Hopefully, they will be able to tolerate sour apples, kiwi and grapefruit sooner rather than later.

Today, we had grilled hamburger for dinner.  YUM!  We feasted!  There were none leftover, but I guess we usually eat about 5 pounds of meat at least one meal a day and we were all very hungry.  Dinner was late because we had to go out to look for a dishwasher.  Like I said earlier, it has been crazy busy around here.

That's about all I can manage for now.  I really do need to prioritize and sleep is more important than posting to my blog.  Good night!

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