February 23, 2010

Steppin' Up to the Plate Again - 6 months on GAPS

The pun WAS intended.  I couldn't pass it up.  I have spent the past two months telling myself every night that I am going to write in this blog and give an update.  I think it is all just too much to say and seems overwhelming to think about sitting here long enough to think it all through.  Not to mention being very busy and very short on sleep.  Note: it is not midnight yet, so this is early for me.

SO, I am just going to start small.  First off, I am learning to just let some things go.  I will make the treats in the morning instead of staying up late to have them ready for tomorrow.

We are seeing some wonderful things happening around here.  First and foremost, the reason we started the diet suddenly was because 2 of our children had immediate and obvious reactions to vaccines while I was researching and preparing to start the diet for myself and the oldest 3 children, so I feel I should give the best news first about these 2 children.

Our 2 year old (almost 3) has been growing and developing very nicely.  He talks clearly now, most of the time.  It is funny, because it comes and goes as we add or increase certain healthy and healing foods.  It is a constant reminder to us to keep going and not give up.  He plays toys, does puzzles, and reads books with us.  He helps out around the house.  He talks constantly about everything, like a normal 2/3 year old.  We are so happy!  Most of the time,his balance is good, his coordination is good, and his eyes are straight and do not bother him.  Sometimes he gets very rigid about his routine, but not all day everyday.  He still wakes up grumpy, but comes around a lot quicker these days.  We are so thankful for this.  He has always been a good sleeper and has always gone down for bed easily, except when he was so very sick right after the shot until we started him on GAPS.  He rarely wakes in the night anymore.  He rarely grabs at his eyes in pain anymore.  More and more, he is becoming the cheerful, easygoing kid we knew and loved before he reacted to the vaccine.

Our 5 year old (almost 6) rarely throws irrational tantrums anymore.  She has stopped burping and tooting all day and has no more complaints of tummy aches.  Even the leg cramps that woke her up in the middle of the night are gone since we removed the sulphur foods, but we are trying to add those back in slowly.  She is sweet and loving, always hugging and kissing all of us and writing us love notes every day.  She is becoming a good helper in the kitchen and around the house in general.  What a blessing!

As it turns out, after such a rough start with all of the tantrums over food, all of our kids LOVE the GAPS protocol.  They LOVE the food I cook.  They tell me every day.  They do NOT crave any of the junk food we used to eat or any of the grains.  Neither do I.  It is amazing!

They eat TONS of veggies every day.  They drink LOTS of broth without complaining.  They actually like it now.  Even the 2 year old drinks broth from a mug now like the other kids and the 5 year old drinks it all on her own without us having to count or watch or race her or whatever!!!  We discovered that the more broth she drinks, the less likely she will burp or toot.  (It's good for your digestion, you know.)  Our 2 year old, also, does better in so many ways when he gets lots of broth and fats.

Oh, oh, oh, our 9 year old reads chapter books now, easily.  She told us that the letters used to be all jiggly and out of shape and that made it hard to read.  Now she sees the words clearly and it all makes sense.  She is flying through her math, too, after having struggled with it for so long.  Multiplication?  No problem!

Oh, there's so much more, but it is nearing midnight and I DO want to sleep.

Thank You, God, Our Heavenly Father, for leading us to this protocol and for the healing we are seeing through it.  You are the Great Physician!  You are the One who knows how we are made and how it all works together.  The more I learn about all of the this, the more astounded, amazed, and awed I become of You.  We are truly fearfully and wonderfully made.  I will trust in You for our healing, Lord.  You are the one who is doing this for us.

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