October 27, 2009

Sweet Dumpling Pie

Oh, it was sooooo good to eat pie!  We have discovered that the Sweet Dumpling squash is very sweet and yummy all by itself and tastes a bit like pancakes.  Our 2 year old tasted the squash all by itself and blurted out, "Pancakes!"

Here is the simple recipe:

I blended 3 cups of Sweet Dumpling squash with 9 egg whites (4 whole eggs would work, but we can't tolerate the yolks at this point)

I added 6 Tbs of cashew nut butter (that I made with my Omega Juicer) and half a tsp of celtic sea salt and blended it all until it was very smooth.

It was the perfect amount to fill a pie plate with no crust.  I baked it for 1 hour at 350F.


We plan to experiment with other squashes.  If anyone knows what to do with buttercup squash, let me know.  It sort of smelled like cucumbers.  Very strange.  It has an interesting flavor and I can't quite figure what to do with it.

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