October 1, 2009

Day 27 - Stage 2 of Intro

It was a good day.  Third day in a row where our 2 year old has been his happy, easygoing, lovable old self.  The eye contact seemed a little lacking right before bed, but...we will see how he does tomorrow.

No ghee today.  We will have more tomorrow.  So far so good.

We had some broccoli tonight.  We are waiting to see if there will be any reaction.  If not, then we will have it once or twice a week.  That will be nice.


Fiji water with lemon

kraut juice

chicken broth



squash and carrots

chicken soup

boiled casserole - because I didn't cook the veggies enough before I put the casserole together yesterday.  It was good.  It was a kind of thick soup.  Everyone liked it.  Whew!


beef ribs

sugarsnap peas

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