October 8, 2009

Day 34 - Stage 2 and 3 of intro

Today was one of those slow moving sticky days, like when you dream that you are running but in slow motion and you just don't seem to be going anywhere fast.  Yes, today was one of those days.

We have a ton of laundry everyday because of the additional wet bed clothes that have to be washed and put back on the beds.  We have a ton of cooking to do, because the children are literally eating us out of house and home.  I praise our Lord and our Savior, our God, that he has blessed us with the means to feed our family good healthy/healing foods.  There are many new things to figure out, but I am happy to say that many things are falling into place and it does get easier.  The logistics for doing this diet/protocol for so many people at once really takes some thought and planning, to say the least.

Because the children are most definitely reacting to the egg yolks that we gave them, they are not as much help as they have been.  Our oldest took all day to do his schoolwork and his chores and had great difficulty moving very fast at any task I gave him to do.  Often it is just easier and faster to do it myself than to have to help him figure it out so that he can accomplish the task.  Trouble is, I need his help.

His brain is definitely affected because he has NO memory for what he is supposed to be doing or for how things are done.  He seems to have no ability to figure out the smallest, seemingly simplest, tasks.  For example, I asked him to make the bed and he had the hardest time getting the mattress pad on.  He came out panting and told me how hard it was to make the bed and he didn't think that it looked right.  (He's 11 year's old and he has done this task before.)  When I went in to check, I noticed (because it was impossible not to notice) that he had put the mattress pad on sideways and had really stretched it to make it barely fit around the top corners of the mattress.  I had to laugh.  I asked him to step back and take a second look to see if he could figure out where he went wrong.  He couldn't.  I explained to him that beds and sheets are rectangles, not squares.  He still couldn't figure it out.  I am shocked!  I show him with two rectangular wipes boxes how he put the pad on perpendicular to the length of the bed and then he finally understood.  Amazing!

We had lots of spills and falls today.  Our 2 year old cried a lot because I would not let him up on the bench in the kitchen.  He has been very prone to falling and bumping into things so I was nervous about him falling onto the tile floor.  He fell once and stubbed his toe once and dropped several bowls of food on the floor in a big splat!!!

Our 5 year old fell off the bench this afternoon with a mug of broth in her hands.  Falling scared her, the mug shattering and cutting her toe scared her, and sitting in a puddle of broth and broken ceramic scared her!  She was an emotional wreck!  It took a while to calm her down and let her know that she was going to be OK and that it was all going to be OK.

Our 11 year old wanted to be helpful so he went to put on his slippers because of the broken ceramic.  However, when he got back to the kitchen in his slippers, the thought of getting broth on his slippers overshadowed his original intent for wearing them.  When I looked up from comforting our 5 year old, there was our 11 year old standing barefoot in the middle of the mess with the broom and dustpan.  His slippers were parked at the edge of the living room floor.  My first thought was, "WHAT!?!?"  "What in the world are you doing standing in the middle of all that broken ceramic in your bare feet!?!?!"

I am telling you...he really is not thinking very clearly at all!  It is not my imagination!  He has good days and bad days.  I used to think, "NO WAY!  He can't be serious!  He is smarter than that."  Now I realize that he is smarter than that on some days and not so able to connect the dots on other days.  It is crazy, I know, but it is true!  I am thankful to be figuring this out because I just thought he was a kid with an attitude, but he is really a good kid who really does his best to please me, but who really can't get it together on certain days.

Our 5 year old had several tantrums today over wanting things her way.  She has had more than a week of no tantrums and she has played very nicely with her friends and her siblings, but today was more difficult.

Our 2 year old just didn't feel well and you could tell.  His eyes seemed to bother him.  He was loud and needed lots of contact.  His words were muddled, but he was talking to us.  He was easily upset.  His eye brows were knit most of the day.  He was not flexible about any routines like bath time.  It was a hard day for him, but not the worst.

Our baby did fine.  He is a chunk at 15 pounds.  He is getting stronger everyday and will be sitting on his own before too long.  What a cutie!


Fiji water with lemon

kraut juice

chicken broth


squash and carrots

stew for lunch - YUM!

hamburger soup

sugarsnap peas

I hope to have some eggs and some avocado, but it is getting late and there is still much to do!!!

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