October 11, 2009

Day 35 and Day 36- Stage 2 and 3

I am writing this a day late, so yesterday was day 35.  We went to a museum exhibit across town.  It took about an hour there and an hour back, but it was worth it to see what we are capable of doing as far as traveling on GAPS.  We plan to take a trip to Chicago in a month and we have to figure out the details of how to prepare, pack and serve food while on the road.

It is convenient that our 2 year old will eat green beans now, a somewhat non-messy fingerfood for travel food.  Pieces of meat also make a pretty good fingerfood (white meat chicken and stew meat or steak cut into small bite size pieces).

I did a lot of cooking for several days before hand to have enough food for yesterday and today.  We ate it cold, but it was good.  Everyone had enough and everyone was satisfied.  WooHoo!

Today, we all went in different directions.  I took our baby and our 8 year old girl to a Creative Memories Croptoberfest (all day photo scrapbooking workshop).  I packed leftover hamburger soup into thermos cups and also took some peas, some green beans, and some chicken.  We took our filtered water with us as well.  I left the rest of the family with Daddy and a bunch of leftovers to be heated and served.  It went fairly well.  I have already started to cook for tomorrow.  We have to have some meat and veggies for breakfast in the morning.  I am cooking two chickens.  I am going to start some pork ribs in a crockpot in the morning.

Daddy is exhausted and crashed on the couch about 9PM.  I got the baby down about 8PM, the 2 year old in bed after 9PM, the 5 year old in bed after 10PM and the older two in bed about 11:30PM, but they both came out about 20 minutes after midnight with complaints about this or that.  We have had children up past midnight for several days in a row now.  First, it was leg cramps and night waking due to egg yolks.  Then, it was kraut juice on an empty stomach right before bed (not a good idea).  Now, it is tears over an interruption in a Saturday night routine.  Our 11 year old is a complete emotional wreck because, since they went to bed so late, he didn't get to listen to more than 4 songs on a favorite Saturday night radio program.

Another strange thing is that our 11 year old has been spending about half of every day in the bathroom.  I am a bit concerned about this.  He has been sloooooow getting his schoolwork done, had trouble finixhing his chores by bedtime, can't seem to remember anything, is rather selfish and inconsiderate in his actions, and he has had a hard time dealing with broken routines.


filtered water with lemon

kraut juice

chicken broth


green beans


leftover hamburger soup (cold)

blended squash, carrots, chicken broth, and chicken pate

I have had fried egg whites and avocado.

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