October 22, 2009

Day 46 & 47 - Stage 2-3 of Intro

Day 46 was NOT a good day for me.  I just could NOT be nice for 5 minutes, no matter how hard I tried.  I promised to try to be nice and then someone would say something or do something or nott do anything and I flew off the handle.  This is rediculous!  My thoughts were all so negative.  I couldn't understand anything that anyone said and I had to ask them to repeat it several times and make a real effort to listen.  It is so frustrating!  Even when I did understand their words, it rarely made sense.  I can't stand this roller coaster!  What can I eat???  What can't I eat???

Today, Day 47, was much better.  Thank you, Lord.  Everyone seemed to do well today.

Our 11 year old has really had some trouble with concentration and memory.  He will ask me a question and I will answer him.  A short time later, he will ask me the same question.  I ask him if he remembers asking me already.  I sometimes remind him of the whole conversation and he says he has no recollection of it.  It is truly amazing.  Also, he does things that he should know not to do or he puts things away in weird places.  Sometimes he puts things away in places where we used to keep them years ago and has no recollection of the current place where things are stored.  One time, he put all of his daddy's undershirts in his own sock drawer.  Go figure.  Obviously, his mind was somewhere else.

You might note that it is 1 AM.  We had several children wake with leg cramps tonight.  Our 5 year old actually never fell asleep because her leg started to hurt when we put her to bed.  She said it got worse and worse as she lay there and that she really tried to fall asleep.  I believe her.  We gave her an Apple Cider Vinegar Bath, the pain went away, and we got her back in bed after 11PM.  Then, our 2 year old woke up at 11:30PM crying because his leg hurt really bad.  (He is the one who never woke for any reason, except for hunger as an infant, until after his first vaccine in 18 months.)  We gave him and Apple Cider Vinegar Bath and watched the pain just seem to melt away after about 20-30 minutes.  We got him back in his pajamas and back in bed by about 12:20AM.  Now I hear 2 kids stiring a bit.  I am waiting for things to quiet down a bit so I can go to bed.

It is so hard to figure what causes certain reactions unless you eat the same things every day and only change one thing at a time.  We gave them eggs and avocado recently.  Only the 5 year old seemed to react to the eggs, but we are not sure.  We gave her eggs again today to see if her excema will return.  We gave them cashew nut butter 2 days ago.  Our new batch of kraut finished on Tuesday and we started taking it instead of the previous batch made with red cabbage.  We increased it a bit.  Too many changes, so it is hard to be certain.  Oh yeah, and I made the buffalo and hamburger soups with soup bones and mixed in the marrow.  Oh, yeah, and we had the cauliflower on Sunday.  I think that is what made me so short tempered.  It could be a delayed reaction.  I understand that food reactions can take several days...I know it has something to do with mercury.  I just know it in my heart.

It's late.  I'm tired.  That's all for now!

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