October 19, 2009

Day 45 - Confused and Trying to Get Through Intro and On to Full GAPS

Oh,oh,oh.  It's those sulfur foods!  We had cauliflower for dinner last night and I have been an ogre all day.  On top of that, I continue to be constipated.  There seems to be a link between these two things and my quick temper.  I feel just fine and happy and then someone says something or does something and I react.  I apologize and promise everyone and myself that I will really make an effort to be patient and kind, but then someone says something or does something and I react.  It is sooooo frustrating!

We also seem to have pinpointed what has been causing our 5 year old's eczema.  We added egg whites this past week and her forehead broke out in eczema.  We took it out and it is clearing up.  We will add it back again in a few days and see if it breaks out again.  I suspect it will, but I hope I am wrong.

Our 2 year old has been doing very well.  We are thankful for that.  Sometimes his eyes seem to bother him and sometimes he gets down on the floor and buries his face on the floor between his arms for a bit.  He is a bit rigid about some things, but not like it was.  Again, we are thankful.  He seems fine with egg whites and avocado.

We added nut butter pancakes today.  I tried to make some without eggs for our 5 year old, but they didn't hold together very well, more like mush.  I cooked some of the egg free batter in some chicken broth and gave it to her as porridge.  She liked that idea.  She wants to play Goldilocks whenever I make nut butter porridge for her.  She says that Daddy, Mommy and our 2 year old can be the three bears and she can be Goldilocks.  The rest of us enjoyed nut butter pancakes made with sweet dumplin' squash (very sweet), cashew nut butter, egg whites, and beef fat.  I fried them in the skillet with beef fat.  They are best when poured thin.  It is hard to get them to cook through without burning when they are poured too thick.

Saturday, we cut our 5 year old's hair for locks of love.  She looks adorable with short hair.  Our 8 year old and I will be cutting our hair very soon.

Our 2 year old has looked like a wild child with his long hair.  He has not been agreeable about getting his hair or his fingernails cut, but this week was a good week and I took advantage of a good day and cut his hair myself.  It actually looks good.  I thought, "Cool!  I can do this."  I tried to cut my 11 year old's long hair.  It didn't turn out so good, so we had to cut his hair short.  He likes his long hair, but he looks so much better with short hair.  He looks so handsome now.

Oh, yeah!  We tried out our latest batch of sauerkraut today.  I tried several different methods of fermenting the jars of sauerkraut and they all seemed to work, although one seemed a bit slimy but smelled and tasted OK.  I am trying to find out if this one turned out right and whether it is OK to eat.  If I remember, I will get back to you on this.


Fiji water with lemon

kraut juice

chicken broth


green beans

nut butter pancakes  (sweet dumplin' squash and cashews)


leftover pork roast (cold)

leftover spinach (cooked in pork broth)

beef chuck roast

green beans


fried eggs (for me)

That's it, I think!

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