October 13, 2009

Day 37 and Day 38- Stage 2 and 3

Sunday, we were all too exhausted from the busy weekend.  We just crashed.  Everyone slept in late (except the 2 year old and Daddy, who got up with the 2 year old so the Mommy could sleep).

I didn't have meals planned past Saturday, so I felt like we were playing catch up all day on Sunday and Monday.

Embarassing note:  I have been constipated, but have been scared of enemas, which are vitally important as it is not a good idea to go more than 36 hours without a bowel movement.  I went 5 days without going, so I tried carrot juice (finally), but by night, nothing, so I finally gave in and tried the enema, but with spring water.  What a relief!  Can't say what I was afraid of.  It was no big deal and it brought such relief.  I will not wait so long in the future.

Monday was an interesting day.  Extra detox from carrot juice???  I don't know, but I was pretty tired and out of it for the past two days.  I finally got some sleep last night, as my dear husband stayed up late to do all that had to be done and I went to bed with the baby at 9PM.  Amazingly, he woke up at 1030PM and then slept until 530AM.  7 HOURS!!!  That is a first for this child.  WooHoo!!!  A little sleep for Mommy!!!

Yesterday (Monday), our 11 year old came running to tell me something in a way that indicated, "This is a MAJOR emergency!  You had better drop what you are doing and come NOW!"  He said that our 2 year old and our 5 year old were both in the closet eating yogurt drops (treats for our 8 year old's pet rat).  Sure enough, the 2 year old had evidence on his lips. Our 5 year old admitted to nothing at the time, but got into big trouble for lying.  She totally screamed when I tried to look in her little purse to make sure that there were no more yogurt drops around and she lied over and over saying that there were none in there and then insisted that she didn't know they were there once I had found 6 in her purse.  We threw them away and then searched the rest of the house for more to trash because the 2 year old admitted that they were yummy.  I checked the ingredient list and there was not one in the list of 8 ingredients that were acceptable on our current diet.  (dairy, corn, sugar: to name a few, but thankfully, no eggs or artificial anything.  Whew!)

Our 5 year old had found some Sweet Tarts in a bag leftover from VBS this summer. She couldn't resist the temptation and later confessed her indescretion and asked for forgiveness, which I gladly gave. It turns out that she didn't want to share with the 2 year old who caught her eating it, so she gave him the yogurt drops so she could have all of the sugary goodness for herself.  Kids!?!

Also, I took all of the boys to the Mall to take pictures at Sears.  I take pictures every 3 months for two years and then every year after that.  We have a wall in our hall with all of their pictures for the first two years of life.  It is fun to look at everyone's 3 month pictures or 9 month pictures and see how much they looked alike at the different ages.  Our baby just turned 6 months, so it was his turn and our 11 year old just turned, well , 11, so it was his turn, too.  We took some baggies of green beans for a fingerfood snack and made an afternoon of it.  (The girls stayed home with Daddy.)  Amazingly, it went well and we got great pictures and no one fell apart, even after the yogurt drop incident.  I should mention that our 2 year old is always calm in his stroller, no matter what!

There were tantrums and meltdowns in the afternoon and evening, but nothing like I would have expected.  Bedtimes went fairly smoothly, too and everyone slept through as far as I know.  I will have to check with Daddy on this later.  Our 5 year old had some signs of eczema and yeast as a result of the sugar.  We have seen this connection for several years now, so we were not a bit surprised by that.  So it seems that egg yolks and maybe some of the sulfur foods have a worse effect than a little sugar, corn, and dairy.  Hmmm!  That is interesting to note.


Fiji water with lemon

kraut juice

carrot juice (Mommy)

chicken broth



hamburger soup

green beans

pork ribs

beef casserole

boiled egg whites

fried eggs (Mommy)

beef and squash soup

Natural Calm magnesium supplement (Mommy)

Blended veggies (2 year old)

Remember, this is two days worth of food.  I may be forgetting some things, but this is basically what we ate.

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