October 25, 2009

Day 50 - Still on Intro

Wow! What a week! It was terrible, but I think I figured out what was going on. Adding anything to our diet can wreak havoc in our home. I love the peace that we have found by changing our diet and I hate when the chaos returns for no apparent reason. I was mad at that world and I was particularly angry at my oldest child and I really took it out on him this past week. He needs consequences, yes, but not with the anger.

So there I was in the spice aisle at Whole Foods, when it dawned on me what had messed up our lives for a whole week. I was picking up more Celtic Sea Salt and was wondering if I should look into getting a different brand to save a little money. Salt is salt. But, NO! Salt is NOT salt. Some of the salt I bought in the past had dextrose in it. Those little packets of salt that you get at fast food places have dextrose in them. Restaurant salt may or may not have iodine and could have dextrose in it. Who knows!?! They do not label the table salt.

Well, last Sunday the girls and I bought a small bit of Himalayan salt because it is supposed to be so very good for you. We ate some with green beans before we headed home from Whole Foods. I cooked with it on Monday and on Tuesday. My grumpiest days were Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Hmmm. The kids seemed to do OK with it, but I was a mess!

Now, I can’t cook different food for everyone in the house. I can hardly keep up with cooking the same meals for everyone. What I wonder is if we can introduce it very slowly so that we can all tolerate it and benefit from its goodness. I wonder the same about the egg yolks and the other sulfur foods, too.

All the foods that are good for us cause us major problems. I think this is because we are majorly toxic and whenever we have any food that is a good detoxifier we experience the symptoms related to our body trying to get rid of the bad stuff. I know that we are just going to have to go through it, but I have to keep my mind sane in order to get the kids through the diet. So how do I cook for them and keep myself sane at the same time? This is still a mystery for me. I am not sure what to do.

Lord, I trust and believe that this diet was a direct answer to the prayer that I prayed 19 months or so ago. I know that You will bring healing to this family. I believe it. I know it in my heart. I also know that it is not going to be magical. It is going to take some thought and a lot of work. I am willing to do it. I am not sure about the details or just how much we are going to suffer on this journey. Please help me to know which way to go. Guide us as you always have and lead us to the knowledge we need. Your people perish for lack of knowledge. We want to know You and understand Your world according to Your Word. We thank You for these magnificent and wonderful bodies that You have created and for the amazing way that they deal with all of the crud we put into them. It is truly amazing the way our bodies are continually balancing and rebalancing all the time. We mess up in one area and our bodies compensate. We mess up in another area and our bodies compensate. Thank You for these amazing bodies. Thank You for your love. Thank You for Your help in times of trouble. Thank You for Your peace. No matter what, I know that You have our best interest in mind. You are good and You are good all of the time. I trust You. I believe in You. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made!


Lemon water

Chicken and broth

Carrots, yellow squash, green beans and winter squash

Hamburger Soup


Fried eggs and mashed avocado

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