October 3, 2009

Day 28 - Stage 2 of Intro

Four weeks we have been on the introduction to the GAPS diet.  It is becoming our new way of life.  It is a lot of work to feed a family of 7 this way, but it is definitely worth it to see our 2 year old doing so well and to know that all of the children will be well and will not have to fear food all of their lives.

We will move into stage 3 next week.  We will be adding avocado to our soups and we will increase the probiotics gradually. 

Our 2 year old has been a happy and independent little guy for these past four days, but today after visiting a neighbor for about 15 minutes he came home a different child.  He was clingy and fussy, wanting to be held, and he lay around and just looked like a sick child.  He threw tantrums at dinner and getting him bathed and ready for bed was more difficult tonight than it had been earlier this week.  This happened when he went to my parent's house, the art store, and the healthfood store.  He seems to do fine to go to the grocery store and to co-op.


Fiji water with lemon

kraut juice

chicken broth


Italian green beans

squash and carrots

hamburger soup

leftover casserole soup

chicken soup

boiled egg whites

I had my fried egg whites and more chicken as a late night snack.

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