October 4, 2009

Day 30- Stage 2 of Intro

Today went very well.  It started off rather slow because the older two kids were weak and achy from die-off, but the younger two and the baby and I were all doing well.  Interesting, as we all ate pretty much the same thing with the exception of me eating fried eggs last night.  We had to let the older two eat their breakfast right away.  They felt much better after breakfast and they have been acting and feeling fine ever since.  Everyone had good BMs and seemed fine, so we moved on to stage 2, but this time we only added a quarter of a teaspoon of egg yolk to their soup.  (None for me, thank you!)

Our 2 year old did pretty well today.  No tantrums at the table and he was in a pretty good mood throughout the day.  He was cooperative for dinner and bath and his bedtime routine went very smoothly.  He went to bed with no problems.  He has taken to grabbing my face with the palms of his hands and pulling my face to his and giving me the gentlest kiss right on the lips.  It is so sweet!  I just have to thank God for this precious child, everyday!

Our baby is learning to go to sleep on his own because he simply has to.  There is too much to do to carry him around all day because he is tired and will not go to sleep or stay asleep.  He does not care for the change too much, but he is fine.  He cries himself to sleep, but wakes up happy because he is getting a full nap without interuption.  He is a smart little baby boy and he will figure it out very soon and then he will not fuss anymore.  Already, he knows not to fuss when I put him down to do certain other activities, so I am confident that he will soon begin to recognize the pattern of the routine and will feel sleepy and be content to drift off into dreamland whenever we start the routine.  It worked for three of the other kids (not the 1st) so I am confident that it should work happily for him, too.

Our 5 year old bopped happily through the day.  She is taking a bath and is getting ready for bed.  Our 8 year old had a pretty happy day after the bumpy start.  Our 11 year old has had a pretty great day after the bumpy start.

We had lamb stew for dinner tonight.  Our 8 year old seemed less than enthusiastic about it, but then it turned out that she liked it better than anyone else.  My husband and our 8 year old, 5 year old and 2 year old liked the lamb stew, but our 11 year old and I could hardly choke it down.  Thankfully, we had some cooked green beans and some leftover hamburger soup.  I think, since I am the one doing the cooking, that I will wait to buy any more lamb until we get to roasting.

Several of the kids went with me to Whole Foods to see their pumpkin patch and pick up a few things for the week.  We had to buy some "pig" for our five year old who kept chanting, "Pig! Pig! Pig!" at the meat counter.  I picked up some more beef fat to render.  I still have 2 huge bags in the freezer, but I figured that if I could get some fresh that I could render it tomorrow without having to thaw any out in the fridge for days.

Three children are in bed now and the older two will be going to bed soon.  My dear hubby and I are ever hopeful that we will get to bed at an earlier hour.  We will see.


filtered water with lemon

kraut juice

chicken broth



chicken soup

sweet dumplin squash soup - YUM!
(with a quarter teaspoon of egg yolk mixed in - but not for me)

lamb stew

leftover hamburger soup

green beans

boiled rockfish (not the 2 year old)

I plan to have some fried eggs later!
Edit - I did, and I had a little bit of avocado, too!

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