October 14, 2009

Day 39 and 40 - Stage 3 for all

I gave everyone some avocado yesterday and today.  I can't say if it went over well or not.  We had a pretty crazy day.

Our oldest just hasn't been able to hold it together since the weekend.  I think the ghee did not go over well for him as he has had difficulty accomplishing what he has had no trouble accomplishing since we started GAPS.  I would think that he would be recovered from that by now, but he is still having issues.

He did get all of his schoolwork done and his chores done in a reasonable timeframe, but with a few reminders from me.  However, he can't seem to make common sense decisions about things.  For example, he was helping to put food in freezer safe jars to store in the freezer and he got food all around the edges where the lid screws in place.  I asked him to wipe up any messes before putting on the lids.  He turned the jar around 3-4 times and noticed nothing.  He was so busy looking on the sides of the jar that he didn't notice the top part where the lid screws on just above the indentation of the jar and the ridge.  Then, when I pointed out where the mess was, he tried to wipe it clean, but he didn't notice that the jar was dangerously balanced on the edge of the table as he turned it.  We nearly had broken glass and oily hamburger soup all over the kitchen floor.  I couldn't bear to watch and I didn't want to clean up the mess he was bound to make, so I gave him another job.  I asked him to watch the baby for a bit while I finished up.  He accidentally dropped the baby on his face (not from too high, but it sure made the baby cry).

I know that something is going on.  Sometimes he really has it all together since we started the diet.  I have been so very proud of him and have thought that he has matured so much, but these past few days have been just like old times.  I used to blame him and think he was being completely rediculous, but now I am convinced that his brain really is affected by food and chemicals.  It is just too crazy to be real!!!

Also, he spends half of his day in the bathroom 'trying' to go to the bathroom.  Whenever anyone has to go to the bathroom, we have to ask him to wrap it up and let someone else in.  He does not like the feeling that there is poo in there that needs to come out, so he just sits and waits and tries all day.  He poos 1-4 times a day.  That's great, but he should be doing other things and running to the bathroom when the urge comes for real.  I could go on, but...

I have been in a pretty reactive mood all day.  Can't say why for sure.  I know I am fine with avocado and egg whites, but I suspect that it could be the chicken liver or the bone marrow I nibbled on after making bone broth.  I seem to react to all of the things that are supposed to be the most healing.  I guess that means that I am on the right track, but I just can't be a good mommy if the food I eat makes me mad at the world.

Truly, on days like today, I have a very difficult time understanding people's words.  When the kids all talk at once, I can't deal with it.  All my oldest has to do is say one word and I am all over him.  (Habit from 11 years of practiced interaction.  Ack.)  I know now that he is a sick boy, but for years I thought otherwise and when I am reactive, I am just that: reactive!  I spend a lot of time apologizing for my quick reactions.  Ack.  Wish it were different, but alas...

I am too tired to try to remember what we ate these past few days.  I know it is pretty much the same as every other day with the exception of adding avocado and fried eggs.  That is what we had for dinner tonight.  YUM!

I do hope that everyone sleeps better tonight.  Only one person in our house slept through the whole night last night.  It's crazy!  The up side is that they went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, so we had only one wet bed in the morning.

So there it is...a piece of our day's history.  Tomorrow will be better, I am sure!

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