October 1, 2009

New Foods Every Day! Who Could Believe it!

I have not been particularly concerned about our 2 year old's rather limited diet because I figure that as we go through the intro diet that things will change and he will eventually like more food. I plan on sticking mostly to God's foods to heal my son from his injury.

Anyway, he pretty much likes to eat only meat and pureed squash. If he can get away with it he will eat only the meat.

Here is what I do to get him to eat the broth and the fats and other veggies: I puree the squash with some broth and have recently added chicken pate (pureed skins and soft tissues). Sometimes I mix in some other veggies. Sometimes I will have a yellow blend (mostly acorn squash), sometimes an orange blend (mostly butternut squash or acorn with carrot), sometimes I will have a greenish blend (green beans or zucchini mixed in).

I do bite for bite with him. He gets a bite of meat when he eats a bite of veggies. I stay calm and sweet and happy and I keep offering the veggie (trying not to let him knock it out of my hand) and asking him if he wants a bite of meat. Staying calm and happy through 5-10 minutes of screaming on his part is the key. At some point he takes the first bite and gets a piece of meat and then it just keeps going.

Now (except on bad days when he really does not feel well) he likes to eat the whole bowl of veggies himself with a spoon and then get a whole plate of meat to eat all together. Sometimes, because he wants a whole plate of meat and he is not being cooperative we have to do bite for bite where I feed him and give him the meat and he collects it all on his plate until it is full, then he eats it. He is really funny about this.

The other day he ate his first green bean (not pureed). I could not believe it! The next day for dinner he ate 25 cooked green beans with his fingers like French fries. I was astounded. I have NEVER been able to get him to eat a green bean and then the following day he took them off the counter himself and now he asks for them. Amazing!

Yesterday, he tried sugarsnap peas for breakfast, didn't like them, but he wanted to try. This is new. My 5 year old who used to throw screaming fits whenever I asked her to eat veggies said, "Mmm. I just love sugar snap peas. Sugarsnap peas is the only veggie I want for breakfast today." It took about two to three weeks of tantrums and my gentle insistence before the change took place.

Today, our two year old ate small bits of veggies (mashed with a fork) in broth.  This is new, too!

Just had to share. There is hope!

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