February 7, 2011

Still Recovering

CKS is still recovering from his regression a few days back. His cheeks are bright red and rough. They look painful. He has a few spots that look like pimples. This is new. His hands are rough and red and he says they sting. Sometimes he will just cry that his hands hurt. He wants to hang out with me and be with me because he does not feel well. He has a hard time catching his breath at times. His cognitive and social skills are a little better than yesterday. Whew! Oh, the constant urgent trips to the potty are back in full swing and he took hours to fall asleep last night and tonight, as well.

I plan to keep our diet simple and hope that it all settles out again in a day or two. I just hate to see him sick like this. It is sad. BUT...I have to remind myself that he is in a much better place than he was in 21-24 months ago. Yes! He is indeed doing very well.

On a positive note: He and our little ballerina (age 6) put on a dance show for me tonight. It was precious. CKS danced to a song called Rock Monster. You can only imagine. He was throwing himself all over the place and having a great time!

Oh, yeah! I almost forgot! CKS sat on my lap during most of the church service today looking very limp and moaning a very little bit, but he DID go to Children's Church with his older sisters towards the end of the service and they tell me that he participated and was very interactive. When we questioned him about the lesson, he asked his sisters what the lesson was, but when they wouldn't tell him, he said, "Well, maybe Jesus died. And maybe they put him in a cave. Maybe he rose again. Maybe."

Tonight he asked, "Did God die?"
He knows that Jesus is God. He's trying to understand.
How cool is that?


  1. Hello, it's me, dropping in to see how things are going with your family. :) I read the last several posts. I can identify with your frustrations. I'm glad you seem to have nailed down some of the triggers for your family and that you're all for the most part doing so much better on GAPS.

    Since last I wrote, I have done a parasite cleanse. I remember mentioning to you that I was considering doing one. Well, I went with "Humaworm" and it was clearly effective. It's a month long pill regimen, which might seem overwhelming, but it's just 4 pills, 2 times a day. Easy to stick to.
    Other than that, something else I have found to be very effective is grapefruit seed extract. I also worked my way up to a full dosage (15 drops in water, 2 times a day) and kept it there for 4 weeks.
    Now, my gut seems to have healed quite a bit. And I believe my liver had more to do with my problems than I ever realized, because a years long "ache" in that area has vanished, and I feel--on the whole--much better than I ever have.
    I hope your family continues on your path to healing. God is so merciful!

  2. Sarah,

    Thank you for your comment and thank you for the update. We have not done any parasite cleanses and I'm sure we should. Maybe that would make the difference for us. At the moment we are working on allergy elimination, something like NAET. I do hope it works. Then, we will be able to add more food and finally progress through to full GAPS. I'm ready, so ready, to move on. I do believe that God led us to this doctor. I am full of hope.

  3. I just found your blog through the GAPS yahoo group. Thank you, thank you!!
    I am planning to start the GAPS intro this coming week. We are dealing with possible food allergies and behavioral issues I beleived are realated to the food sensitivities.
    Our girls are 1, 3 and 5. Natural child birth, breast fed, no vaccines but still I believe there are some underlying issues with their guts.
    I have been praying as I prepare to start the intro that I would find a blog/website/book that would make the intro very simple to understand. Your blog is the answer to my prayers. I just finished reading your story from the beginning.
    One question I do have...I have been making bone broth for years and my kids are used to eating soups with bone broth. I thought that is what I would use in the intro but after reading through your story I am second guessing. Should I just do meat broth and move to bone broth later on? Any advice would be helpful.
    Also, is your husband on the GAPS? My husband is in Afghanistan right now but I am wondering how he will do on this diet once he returns. I know (and he knows) that a good cleansing diet will really help with some underlying health issues. Mainly head fogginess. For years we have eaten a WAPF diet but this is much different especially in the beginning. He will not be back until Dec. Maybe by then we will be closer to our "normal" WAPF diet and he can join right in. Actually I am praying that we can a small amount of fresh, new potatoes in late summer. I plant a garden every year and the potatoes are soooo yummy~
    Many blessings to you and your family and thank God for bringing me to GAPS.

  4. Niina,

    I'm glad you found what you were looking for when you found my blog. God is good all the time and I love the way He gives us what we need when we need it.

    About the bone broth, some people have started with it and it was fine. Others have had to back off and simply do meat broths made with meat and bone. We started with the meat broth and had plenty of detox from that, but we had never had bone broth ever in our lives. Dr. NCM recommends the meat broth, at least to start, but so many of us are not coming from a Nourishing Traditions or WAPF background.

    My husband is not doing GAPS. Sadly, he eats out a lot more because he won't eat what we eat and he waits until the kids go to bed to eat. Then he orders take-out or he eats ramen noodles and a sandwich. He is really stressed lately because of our situation and other factors (work, extended family, finances, lack of sleep) and I know diet would help him through it, but I can't make him do it. I think my gentle nudges annoyed him, so I dropped the matter. I do not want to nag. I'm praying about that one.

    Hopefully, you will all be able to move through intro quickly and enjoy a wide variety of full GAPS fare before too long. Even limited, it is a satisfying diet. The cravings are gone.

    Blessings to all of you as you embark on this new adventure.