June 3, 2011

Homemade Therapy

So we have been having a mess of reactions. They are all over the place, coming and going, and I can't figure out what's causing what. That's because of me. When I react, I go crazy and throw in a bunch of stuff to muddy the waters. Is it the homeopathic drops? Bone broth? Cauliflower? Broccoli? Is it a healing crisis? Is it a reaction? Oh, I wish I knew, but here we are and here's what's what.

SSS (2) has been fussy and has been wanting Mommy all day everyday as of late. CKS (4) has been sensory seeking, anxious (quick to panic and throw a fit), and his eye-contact has slipped a bit. KES (7) has been losing control of her temper and has been screaming at her siblings and has even lost it with her Daddy and I a few times. KRS (10) has been edgy and anxious. MKS (12) has been emotionally reactive, too, and has found it difficult to think and remember his responsibilities. These are a few of the typical reactions for my children.

We can not afford time or money to do outside therapies for any of our kids, so I trust in God to lead me to do what is good for each child and I have been praying a lot this week. I remembered that early on in intro, whenever I experienced die-off, my nurseling would become agitated and would not settle down to sleep. I eventually discovered that scratching him all over and vigorously rubbing his arms, legs, and back right before laying him down would settle him. My older daughter sometimes has the need to push her body against something to settle her mind. I sometimes need to wiggle, scratch, jump, stretch, etc. to feel settled.

I had researched some about sensory integration and learned about dry brushing, compressions, and sensory diet, which is a diet if sensory stimulating activities spaced throughout the day. Can't afford the therapy. No time to become an expert through research. I look at God's world and see that if we were not living in an air-conditioned house full of books and videos, we would be outside feeling the breeze, hearing the birds and the rustling leaves, feeling the crunch of the dry and thirsty grass under my feet, and smelling the fresh earthy outdoor air. Also, we would be pushing, pulling, climbing, and just moving in all ways as we work the earth.

So, I figure that we, my little ones especially, would benefit from lots of sensory input. We started compressions and dry-brushing a few days ago. We started rolling the kids up in blankets like a burrito. We have a little exercise trampoline in the living room. We have a swing set, slides, and two rope swings in the back yard. We also have me, Mommy. Today, I made a point to carry my little one a lot. I made a point to touch, tickle, hug, squeeze, and dangle my littlest ones often throughout the day. We rolled over the big ball and squished each other and bounced with each other. We smiled and laughed a lot. We read books. We played on the swings. We stomped around like bears. We pushed laundry baskets. We cut veggies (squash) with knives (toddler knives). We peeled veggies. We pulled weeds. We jumped rope (the older kids).

It's only been a day, so I do not know if it is related, but they did settle better at bedtime. Also, at dinner, I noticed CKS staring right in my eyes as he talked to me AND he had clean hands and a clean face after dinner. Related? We also did compressions. I'm going to keep it up and see how it helps all of us. I'll report back later.

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