June 3, 2011

More Homemade Therapy

SSS and KES are sick with congestion, runny nose, croupy cough, ear ache, etc. MKS fell and hurt himself yesterday. He skipped youth group. Both girls have had headaches for the last few days. They even skipped art class last night, which they never want to miss.

Did we pick up a bug that's going around or is this a healing crisis?

Anyway, CKS is making excellent eye-contact and his thinking is complex and wonderful. His cheeks are clear and smooth. He's eating with a fork and spoon again. He is still somewhat reactive emotionally and still not settling well at night. So which is better? Lack of eye-contact and delayed echolalea, but handles upset well and goes to sleep when I put him to bed? OR...Great eye-contact, above level cognitive thinking, but sensory seeking all day, emotionally reactive, and stays awake for over an hour after bedtime just talking, wiggling, thinking, etc. ? I think I will take the latter, even though it can be very trying. I can't help but see this as a good sign. Some of these behaviors are difficult to deal with, but You know that healing is taking place when the mind is growing and developing on or above level. I love it!

So we continue to swing on the rope swing and roll each other up in blankets. Today we did pony rides (I was the pony). We also just tackled each other and rolled around on the floor together. I'm sure the smiles and the laughter are helping to speed our recovery. We DO smile and laugh a lot more these days.

At bedtime, I hugged and rubbed CKS all over before kissing him good night. He is still awake nearly two hours after putting him to bed. He can't stop wiggling. His leg hurts him. I put a hot towel over him. I pray he will fall asleep soon.

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