May 5, 2012

* CKS's Eczema Completely Gone!

Did I ever post about this?  When we stepped out in faith and got off the GAPS diet (basically cold turkey), I believed that the rash on CKS's backside, on the backs of his hands, and on his face would heal.  Immediately, the rash on his backside healed and has never returned (maybe briefly just once).

The eczema on his hands and face were slower to resolve, but we continued to pray for complete healing.  The eczema on his hands went away and has not returned, but his face continued to flare up.  I would pray for it daily and I could see it visibly improve, but it did not ever go completely away.

I became discouraged and stopped praying.  It became so bad that it cracked and bled and peeled.  It was gross.  We began to pray again and it improved, but it did not go away.  We went through this cycle several times.  Finally, convinced that God could and would heal him, we praised God daily for healing the eczema, even though it was still there before our eyes.  We just kept praying and praising God!

Finally, it healed up completely!  We did not change his diet or treat the eczema with anything.  The only thing we did was pray and give glory to God, Our Healer.  It has been months and it has not returned.  His skin is so soft and smooth.  I love to kiss his cheeks and I praise God every time I do.

Also, every time he looks me in the eyes, which he does so often now, I praise God!  I can not take any of it for granted anymore.  What a gift when everything works the way it is supposed to work.  To God be all the glory!!!

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  1. Update: Three years later, CKS still has no eczema. His cheeks are so smooth and soft. I love to rub his cheeks and praise God as I remember what He has done for us! Eye contact is excellent now! Healed, in Jesus' name! This child, who would not respond to his name and who would not look you in the eyes, is now the sweetest, most caring child. He is very tender towards his younger siblings, especially towards the baby. He is thoughtful, considerate, and appreciative. He loves the Word of God. At seven, he is now looking up scripture verses on his own because he wants to do so, and he reads chapters at a time because he wants to do so. He is an amazing little boy. He knows the grace that was shown to him. He knows his story. He knows he is healed! He is thankful for the life we have. Praise God for His faithfulness and for His love!!!