May 7, 2012

* Healed Because of GAPS Diet

I was just thinking about what brought about our healing.  I have prayed for years that God would heal me so that I could live a normal life like everyone else, but to no avail.  My children also seemed to have many of the same issues that I did.  Then, several of my children exhibited severe symptoms after a vaccine given in May of 2009.  We started the GAPS Diet to bring healing to our guts, and we saw much progress.  My children were recovered from many of the issues that caused us such concern and grief.  We were overjoyed to have an answer and a plan of action.  We praised God for leading us to the GAPS Diet.

However, we were only recovered and not healed.  We had to stick to the diet, which had become very limited and restrictive, and we had to avoid pretty nearly every toxin, which is virtually impossible to accomplish, in order to stay well.  Being on the GAPS Diet became a prison for us.  While it was difficult and tiresome, I was willing to follow it strictly, because life off of the GAPS Diet was so much more difficult and tiresome and stressful.

I learned so much about the body, detox, toxins in the world around us, hormones, vitamins, alternative therapies, energy healing, homeopathics, etc., etc.  I learned that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  I learned that mankind has only begun to discover all that there is to know about the body and how it works.  I learned that if we fix one thing, we might be messing up some other thing.

I became overwhelmed at the amount of information and the impossibility of being able to piece it all together and know that I was doing the right thing for me and for my children.  It was all guessing and hoping that I had found and implemented the right information.  Trial and Error led to progress.  It was better than accepting the doctor's conclusions that nothing could be done but to treat symptoms, and in some cases that nothing could be done but to accept the reality of the situation.  I saw results, but any exposure to toxins or new foods led to regressions, and we never knew when everything would fall apart.  I became very depressed after two years and hitting yet another big regression.

That was when I gave it all to the Lord.  It is quite a remarkable story of seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness.  In the end, the Lord healed us miraculously from all of our big issues.  There are a few lingering issues, for which we continue to pray for healing, and they are being resolved one by one.  God is amazing and loving and powerful.  He wants us to believe Him and love Him.  He rewards those who earnestly seek Him (Hebrews 11:6).  The GAPS Diet drove me to the One who could and would heal us!  Praise the Lord!

Read the Comments below to hear the testimony of another child healed and off of GAPS!

Update:  Three years later, we are still healed in body and soul!  God is good!  He is love, and love heals!  Praise the Lord!  Go to to find links to walk you through our whole story (without having to read every post of a multi year blog).  We are free!  You, too, can be free from the fear of food and toxins!

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  1. Hello, I've commented on your blog before. I just want to tell you how much your blog has ministered to me - more then you'll ever know! I believe the Lord led me to your blog and through it, He has shown me great and mighty things beyond my imagination! Like yourself, I was so frustrated with the GAPS diet. I saw improvements in my son, but it was so difficult to maintain it and with every battle to get him to eat soups, it was deteriorating our relationship and killing my joy. After reading your blog post "The GAPS diet did NOT heal us" the Lord spoke to me through it that HE was the ultimate healer and not GAPS. He gave me specific passages through His Word and spoke through others as well. Yet, I was too scared to go off the diet (lack of faith). I was afraid of regression and that all the work I did with the diet would just fall apart if I took my son off. Time and time again, your blog would enter into my mind. I know the Lord was using your blog to minister to me. So finally, after repenting of my lack of faith, I took my son off the diet cold turkey. Can I say that not only was there no regression, but that my son improved all the more! His speech started to come together and his stools were getting better! Funny thing is, he started talking sooo much off the GAPS diet! I couldn't believe it! He's such a happy little boy that it brings joy to my heart. All glory to God! Your so right - He is the ultimate healer!

    Not only that, but before my son was healed, your blog inspired me to start seeking His kingdom and His righteousness FIRST - above my son's healing and all other things. God is so true to His Word. I began to seek Him and pray to know Him more - (whether or not my son would heal). If you take Matthew 6:33 literally, God holds His promise. All these other things will be added. I continued to pray for healing, but it was on the back burner compared to my prayer to know HIM more.

    I believe the Lord used your blog to bring healing to my son, but most of all, to inspire me to seek Him above all else. For the first time in 18 years of being a believer, I feel I've made a breakthrough in my spiritual life. Thank you for your precious blog!!! God used it to change my life and to come to know Him not only as the healer of our external sickness, but the healer of our souls!

    Please keep posting on your blog. I love your updates! God bless you, your family and your precious growing child inside you.

    To God be the glory!

    Tina Kim

  2. Tina Kim,

    Can I just tell you that your post made me cry for joy! I could not stop sobbing and laughing. My family was just staring at me, wondering what was wrong with mom. We have rejoiced together over your son's healing and have given God the glory for His great gift to your son and to your family. Praise the Lord! I remember a previous comment that you posted about wanting to have a conversation with your son. Praise be to God that you are going to have many conversations with your son and that you get to share with him about God's grace towards him and his family through his healing. You are a wonderful mamma! Keep seeking the Lord and fighting for your family through prayer and through faith in the One who loves you all dearly.

  3. Thank you for sharing my comments on your blog! What a blessing! My son is doing well and it is such a joy for a mother to see her child so happy. We ate at a restaurant over the weekend and what freedom and joy it was not to worry about what food was going into him. I admit a bit of fear came over me at first, but then I was reminded to trust in the Lord.

    As I sought the Lord through Matthew 6:33, wondering what His kingdom was, He led me to Romans 14:17. "For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit." So true! You always find answers in God's Word!

  4. Tina Kim,

    Yes! You always find answers in God's Word! Ask, seek, find! I found the same verse in Romans, and it was one of the key verses to encourage me to stop worrying about the food. I felt like God was speaking directly to me about my situation and I listened. Be blessed, my friend, as you continue in Him.

  5. Update. It's been three years, and we are far from following the GAPS diet or any diet anymore. We are free!!! Whenever I think about watching what we eat, I start to see symptoms pop up again, as if I had given power back to food, rather than to God, to sustain our health. It is for freedom that God has set us free, we will not be burdened again by a yoke of slavery (Galatians 5:1). Our faith is in God, not food, to sustain our lives! The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us and gives life to our mortal bodies (Romans 8:11). We will not return to Egypt, to the land where we were bound as slaves! We are free, and we will stay free! The Son has set us free, and we are free indeed! (John 8:36) I know that the verse refers to being free from sin, and I would point out that putting my faith in anything other than Jesus is sin. Jesus is my Savior. He's my Healer. He's my Provider. Bless the Lord, O my soul, praise His Holy Name, and forget not all His benefits, who forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases, who redeems my life from the pit and crowns me with love and compassion, who satisfies my desires with good things so that my youth is renewed like the eagles (Psalm 103:1-5). We are learning to trust in the Lord with all our hearts and lean not on our own understandings. In all our ways, we acknowledge Him, and He makes our paths straight. We do not see ourselves as wise apart from Christ, but rather, we fear the Lord and shun evil, for it brings health to our bodies and nourishment to our bones (Proverbs 3:5-8). He healed us, He saved us, so He is the One we praise! (Jeremiah 17:14)