May 24, 2012

'Tis So Sweet

Praise Jesus!  It is so wonderful to get up in the morning and hop out of bed without the fear of pain.  The varicose veins on my legs do NOT hurt me anymore and my tummy is soft, soft, soft.  It is also big, big, big!  I am only 21 weeks along in this pregnancy, but comparing myself to pictures of myself from the past two pregnancies, and I look like I am 9 months pregnant!!!  Granted, I have always carried small, but for me, this is huge.  We had an ultrasound last week and found only one baby boy.  Healthy - YAY!!!  Praise God for such great mercies!

I continue to marvel that I am not having all of the contractions that plagued my other pregnancies.  It is all for the glory of God!  I just have to express my joy and shout out praise to the One who healed me.

'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
just to take Him at His word,
just to rest upon His promise,
just to know, "Thus saith the Lord."

Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him,
how I've proved Him o'er and over.
Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus,
oh, for grace to trust Him more.

Hymn from 1882.  Words written by Louisa M. R. Stead
Music composed by William J. Kirkpatrick

I love this hymn.

Since my focus has shifted from GAPS to faith in the One who made me, I have started a new blog called Walking in Faith.  The address is

I will likely start posting more on my new blog and less here.  We shall see.

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