May 12, 2012

Do We Still Eat GAPS Food?

YES!  We do.  I really like to choose plain and simple "healthy" food, and I find that I am most satisfied by simple whole foods.

But...we also eat everything else!  We had Taco Bell the other day.  Yuck!  I do like the tostadas, but everything else just grossed me out.

We eat bread or rice every day now.  I like the Whole Foods brand sourdough bread the best, but we eat my husband's local grocery store bread, too, without fear.  I buy 365 unsweetened peanut butter, but we will also (at times) eat my husband's local grocery store peanut butter, too, without fear.

We share in a potluck style dinner every Sunday with our small group, as we take turns bringing the main dish, sides, and desserts.  My kids look forward to having dessert at small group every sunday night.  My kids eat one, while the other kids just eat and eat.  I still believe in moderation.

My father-in-law likes chinese food.  My husband and oldest son were out of town and several days went by when my father-in-law did not come over to our house, because I was just too busy/lazy to go and get him.  I wanted to spend some time with him after church on Sunday, so we went out for chinese food and then played at our house all afternoon.  It was a great day!

I mentioned being pregnant in a previous post.  This baby loves Mexican food (we live in Houston)!  I want to eat Mexican food all the time, but my oldest daughter "really" doesn't like mexican food.  Alas, I manage to work it in every now and then.

Oh, oh, oh!!!  I never mentioned this!  My husband and my oldest son were out of town for a week because...My oldest son is on a LEGO Robotics Team called Epic Team 2.0, and the team won 2nd place in Regionals and were invited to the LEGO Robotics World Invitational at LEGOland in Florida.  WooHoo!  Because Jesus healed us, we are no longer restricted by the GAPS Diet and he was able to go with his team.  He met other teams from Japan, Brazil, New York, Florida, and from other states and countries.  He had a great time!  They won 2nd place for teamwork!  Congratulations to the Epic Team 2.0!

We still eat sauerkraut and/or yogurt everyday and we like to have broth on a regular basis.  I have come to find broth and homemade chicken soup to be very comforting.

Healed is healed!  Life is such a joy!  That gives a pretty good idea of what we do for meals these days.  We are free and living without fear of food!

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