March 19, 2010

The Carrot Mustache

We have our mornings worked out like clockwork now.  I wash, cut, and juice carrots and celery, while the kids help to set the table, put on broth and veggies, divide chicken, and pour water, kraut juice and lemon water.  The baby is on my back or is watched by one of the older children.

Everyone gets a large cup of juice in the morning as soon as we can get it together, but first they must swallow a spoonful of codliver oil.  This is going well.  The toddler takes his codliver oil in his juice.  We say it is like tuna salad in a cup.  This works for him.

Then, we all take our probiotic.  We use GUT-Pro.  It tastes like candy to us.  So we say that we get candy for breakfast everyday.  :O)

After about 20 minutes or so, we sit down to eat chicken, veggies, and broth for breakfast.  Everyone starts with some sauerkraut juice and a little lemon water to help with digestion.  Even the baby gets sauerkraut juice with his pureed food and little bits of meat.

So I look at my kids in the mornings and they have orange mustaches.  Too, cute!

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