March 3, 2010

He Holds Me Up - Another Day in the Life of a GAPSfamily

What a rollercoaster ride.  Up and down and up and down.  It's 2 AM.  I am off to bed after this, but I just had to say something about our day.

Overall it was a good day.  Everyone was fed and all are well.  I packed up a bunch of stuff to give away while most of the kids were at the library with Grandpa.  (Have I ever mentioned how blessed we are to have my dad to help out nearly every day?)  It felt great to get rid of so much clutter.  When I react to foods, I get very overwhelmed by all of the clutter!!!

We had some spinach last night.  It is a sulpher food.  We just had a little, but it was enough to cause night waking and regression in our 2 year old (almost 3).  He was picking at his scabs and bleeding all over.  He was repeating every word I said when I told him things or read to him.  He was very tactile and clumsy.  He was rigid and easily upset, but not as bad as it could be.

Our 9 year old spent some time away by herself crying and praying.  Our 11 year old was on the verge of tears because his sister didn't want to go to the library and he didn't want to have to carry her books that were due back to the library.  He said there were too many books in the bag and they were poking him, but he never thought to set the bag down and only carry it to the car and to the library.  He stood there holding it for the entire time we were changing diapers and putting on shoes and jackets and all.  It blows me away, but this is a normal reaction to food for him.  Our 5 year old woke in the night and had some rough moments throughout the day and was very gassy, tooting and burping a lot.  I have done very well today (whew)!

All of the kids had detox baths in time for bedtime, but I still got everyone to bed late.  My hubby had to work tonight, so I had to do it all on my own.  The two year old went down fine.  Then, I put the 5 year old to bed, but her tummy hurt and she was constantly burping.  I put the baby to bed and cleaned up in the kitchen, then went to play a few games with the older two.  The 9 year old didn't feel well and had been constipated, so we had to do some detox with her and I finally got her to bed after midnight.  Then, the 5 year old woke up about that time and had actually pooed in her pull-up (this is unusual) and sat sleepily on the potty to clear out the rest.  She was very distressed and could not go back to sleep, so my husband lay down with her and fell asleep on the floor in her room.  Then, the baby woke up and needed to be changed, fed, and put back to bed.  After all of this, I had to have a snack and indulge myself by getting it all out on paper (OK, it's a blog, not paper, but that's how I think of it).

Still, life is way better than the mayhem that we lived with before Feingold/GAPS.  I have wings like the eagles.  I can run and not grow faint!  God gives me the strength to do what has to be done.  He holds me up.  Otherwise, there is now way I would be standing.  To God be the Glory!

I think I can go to bed now.  I think I should go to bed now.  Good Night!

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