March 30, 2010

* Therapy?

There are some who say we should look into tharapy for our 3 year old.  When they see him on an off day, they see a child who is very rigid about routines and is easily upset by little things.

He looks like he needs some training and discipline, I admit, but on a good day he is easygoing and flexible.  He plays nice with others and shares well.  He understands about taking turns.  He is polite and empathetic.  He says, "please," "thank you," and "sorry."

My thinking is this.  If he can do these things, even sometimes, than the training is there.  He knows what to do and what to say.  He knows how he should behave, but on an off day, he is overwhelmed and can't make himself do what he knows is right.  He doesn't need training.  He needs intervention.

Detox baths work wonders!

I don't have much more to say about this.

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