March 19, 2010

A Dairy Farm and Farmer Brown

Oh, I wish I could find (make) the time to write everyday, but life is so very full and busy these days, which of course is why I have so much to say.  So on with it...

It is Spring Break for all of the school kids around here (and the cousins), so we decided to take a break, too.  The cousins are in town, so there is fun to be had all around.

Today, we went to visit the dairy farm where we buy our raw milk so we could see how the cows are milked.  Very interesting!  They have 6 milking cows, one expectant cow, several calves, a couple of bulls, and 15 other cows for breeding and selling.  They milk the cows twice a day.  We went this evening around seven.  All 7 children seemed to enjoy the experience.  The girls want to go back and it made quite an impression on our toddler.  Grandpa is now working on getting our baby to say, "Moo!"  (to add to "uh-oh", "mama", and "woof!")  I came home with 4 half gallon containers of milk, each from a different cow.  They are labeled with the name of the cow, the date, and the time.  The milk costs us only $5 a gallon, which is the best price I have found yet for grass-fed raw milk.

Yesterday we had another visit from Farmer Brown.  She brought me 6 dozen eggs from pastured chickens for only $3 a dozen.  They are the best eggs I have ever eaten.  So far we are only eating the whites.  I am still working up the courage to try yolks again and now that I have the best eggs I can find, I can hardly wait to get started.  The yolks are almost orange.  The whites are thick.  They look and feel so rich.  Farmer Brown also sells beef.  She gave me a few cuts of beef to sample.  It is very yummy!  I need to find out the details about her beef.  I am not sure if it is entirely grass-fed or not.  I imagine it is, but I don't know.

Both our dairy farmer and Farmer Brown have commented that many of their customers as of late are dealing with autism.  Well, with the official number being 1 in 91 now, I guess that is not so surprising.

It's late.  I am going to go catch a few winks before the sun comes up again.  But wait!

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the beautiful weather that we have enjoyed these past few days.  I thank you for blessing us with new friends and resources for the good food we are now eating.  I thank you that my children are healing and that they actually like the GAPS protocol.  I thank you for the experiences that we have all enjoyed together.  I thank you that our little toddler (almost 3) is growing and developing so very well.  Thank you, my Lord, for ALL of our many blessings.  Amen.

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