October 12, 2010

Late To Bed and Up Twice

I am just putting our six year old back to bed for the third time tonight. Leg cramps! We played at the park today with Daddy who was off for Columbus Day. Lots of fun, but here we are again with the leg cramps. I really wish I knew what caused it and how to fix it. Lord, please help us.

Baths help, but not for long. She wakes up crying. Nothing works. We put her in the bath and she is better after a short bit. We put her back to bed. She goes to sleep, I think. Later she is crying again. We put her in the bath. She's fine again. Back to bed. Hopefully this will be the last time. I am glad I stayed up late tonight, but now I am falling asleep while typing. I had better go to bed soon.


  1. Hello,

    I found your blog through a friend who is on the GAPS diet and sent me to it. I am the mom of eight children and thought I would share some things that have worked for us as far as leg cramps; magnesium (Natural Calm brand which is pure magnesium which dissolves in water and tastes like raspberry or lemon fizz), epsom salts in the bath (more magnesium!), make sure they are hydrated as well, codliver oil....and, finally, arnica gel rubbed into their muscles.

    Jill F.

  2. We do all of this, except for the arnica gel. I will have to try that. She gets Natural Calm magnesium everyday, but I could give her some extra in the evening if she begins to complain. We do Epsom salt baths, which work until she's been out for a bit. Last night, when she woke for the second time, she said, "I wish someone would invent a detox bath that you could sleep in.". She was so tired. We have a new doctor for CKS who recommends a magnesium oil you rub on instead of a bath. I want to try that, especially in the middle of the night.

  3. Hydrated...yes! Cod liver oil...yes, every morning. Thanks for your suggestions. It helps. I will try extra NC magnesium in the evening. I will try everything!