October 10, 2010

Math Genius (times two)

CKS is a little math genius!

He's 3 1/2 years old and quite precocious.

He's been impressing everyone with his newfound math skills. He knows 1+1=2 & 2+2=4 & 1+2=3. Not impressed yet?!?

He knows 3+3=6 & 4+4=8 & 5+5=10 & 5+1=6 & 5+2=7.

He also likes to tell us that 1&1&1&1 is four. Sharp kid! What do you think?

KES, 6 years old, is also doing quite well in math. She just gets it and she is flying through her math book. She understands the concept of multiplication and can figure out basic multiplication problems in her head. (just like her older brother)

My older two are also doing great! Math is one of their favorite subjects, along with journal writing, history, geography, and science.

School is so much smoother and easier this year than ever before. I am so happy about this.

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