October 13, 2010

Too Many Salicylates

I think my troubles are caused by too many salicylates. Why? Because we were all extremely sensitive to salicylates before GAPS and early on in GAPS.

How did salicylates affect us? Physical pain, body aches and pains, emotional upset, frustration, melt-downs, anger, rages.

What am I struggling with now? The same.

The first time we tried to add coconut oil was painful. It took three attempts to get it in and we had to go slow. Adding nuts was slow and painful. Berries gave me problems at first. I think we are having a little everyday and that is why we are all having troubles together and I have been eating more than the kids so I have been more affected.

I am going to back off of the nuts. I went a little crazy with the nuts. I am happy that they no longer cause any asthma or eczema, but I guess they still can affect me emotionally if I eat too many.

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  1. As I read this, I remembered one of the first websites I found on my search to better health, many years ago: dogtorj.com.
    I can't remember which of his articles ties nuts and insomnia together. I have seemed to notice a correlation between eating nuts and sleeping restlessly. DogtorJ places the blame on glutamate/aspartate, and his GARD diet has proven very effective against a host of maladies. It does make you wonder if GAPS/traditional diets are thee single answer.

    Sometimes I wonder if grains/dairy/legumes/nuts should be consumed regularly at all, whether pre-soaked/fermented or not. Perhaps they simply aren't human food. Either way, I am very glad you are doing better!