December 6, 2010

I Think It's Dairy, But I Don't Want to Give It Up

I think normal evades us because we are still sensitive to dairy.  I added all of those many things in a while back and butter was one of them.  No obvious and horrible symptoms to point directly to dairy being the culprit, but more subtle ones (in my mind).  Anger, aggression, serious regression would be obvious and horrible symptoms that would make me turn back and even redo intro.

Here is what we are dealing with:

I had several months without any symptoms from hormonal changes.  I didn't even see it coming and there was no pain or discomfort associated with the cycle.  These past two months, I have been irritable, bloated, tired, achey, and I have been experiencing insomnia.  I feel agitated and I have this sense of urgency, like nesting before a baby is born.  Also, I can't sleep a full night because I sleep horribly after a few hours and I wake up swollen and hurting.  My wedding ring is impossibly tight.  Normally it is falling off.  I have finally gained weight.  Less nursing and more butter.  Hmm.  More nuts and honey, too.

MKS, 12yo ds, can't keep his mind on the task, doesn't hear all of what I say and what he does hear gets mixed up in his head, is forgetful, and he talks too much like he has no control and he just has to tell.

KRS, 9yo dd, seems fine, but has more trouble with getting up in the morning than she used to have.

KES, 6yo dd, can't keep her mind on the task, doesn't hear all of what I say and what she does hear gets mixed up in her head, is forgetful, and she talks too much (nonstop) like she has no control and just has to tell.

CKS, 3yo ds, is mildly rigid, tactile (hands and toys and everything in his mouth, hands always holding himself so he looks like he has to pee constantly, rolling on floor, leaning on or at least touching me almost constantly if he is in the same room with me, rubbing his arms/shoulders on cars, doors, walls as he walks), no focus, eye-contact is forced (he can do it for a few seconds when you ask him to, but he does not look at you when he talks to you, which is constantly), panic is first reaction, lots of things are upsetting, seems to not feel well a lot lately (tummy aches), oppositional quite a bit, wakes up crying or in a panic because he needs to go potty, says everything that comes in his head, repeats questions over and over, repeats lots of things over and over.  There's more, but...anyway, normal eludes us for now.

SSS, 20 month old ds, just a bit more fussy and clingy than usual.  No normal poos lately.  Come to think of it, no one is having lovely brown poos anymore on a consistent basis.  Hmm.

Back to me, I have been a bit stuffy in the nose on a consistent basis for several months now.  I should mention that the only pregnancy where I did not feel nauseated was the last one so long as I avoided dairy and sugar.  That would mean that dairy intolerance affected my hormones without a doubt.  If it helped to avoid it during pregnancy, then it would make sense that it would help PMS symptoms to avoid it now.  Oh, yes, I should also mention the reoccurrence of acne.  It's mild, but present.  I had enjoyed having none.

Now I know that much of my children's behavior is normal for kids these days, but I know it is not normal behavior for healthy kids.  I have seen them behave beautifully.  I have seen them think clearly.  I have seen them make good decisions.  I have seen them look beyond themselves and consider the needs of others.  I have seen them play nicely with each other and with others.  I have seen so many wonderful things as a result of this diet.  I know what is possible.  I want that to be permanent in another year or two, no matter what they eat.

I know that my current PMS symptoms are normal by today's standards and can be somewhat surpressed and controlled by medications, but I have experienced life without PMS and I know it is wonderful and good.  I want the good life back!!!

I know it's dairy because of the no nausea during pregnancy thing and because MKS' symptoms are the same as when we removed and added dairy in several times before GAPS.

I DON'T WANT IT TO BE DAIRY!!!!!  I love dairy.  Calcium?

We can't tolerate bone broth, spinach, broccoli, etc.  Where will we get our calcium.  I am certain we must be deficient.  HELP!

Lord, I want to eat good food.  I want to tolerate and enjoy the food you provided for our health.  Say the word and we can eat it.  You have the power to make it so.  Please let us be able to eat good food.  I do not want to worry about everything we put in our mouths anymore.  Heal my children.  Heal me.  Make us happy.  Make us content no matter what the circumstances.  That's the problem.  Our food sensitivities make us agitated.  Our minds are not at peace.  Your Word says that we will find peace in Christ.  We are to cast our burdens on Jesus.  This is a burden to us.  Jesus, take it from us, please.  Help us to be good.  Help us to live for You and not to be always so focused on what we can and can't do, and on what we can and can't eat.  Amen.


  1. What about canned fish? Salmon, sardines?
    Maybe you could supplement for now with a calcium citrate?

  2. Good idea, Natalia. We love salmon patties. That could help some.