December 15, 2010

She Cheated, and It Shows

When KES cheated on the 5th, nine days ago, she ate lots of deserts when we weren't looking. I was perplexed that she seemed to be fine that day and for several days. I was perplexed because she reacts to a little bit of honey or a bit of fruit almost immediately. I reasoned that her little body must have gone into shock and put everything on hold to see what else would happen. A few days later, she started to itch a little and her arms and legs began to ache. Then, six days after the big cheat, she got sick with a sore throat and a cough.

Her eczema has gotten worse and worse. She has scratched her forehead raw. She has scabs there. Her hands are always up there, scratching, hitting, rubbing, pressing. She can't get any relief. She is miserable. She says it itches in the muscle. It's deep and intense. It causes her to go into fits. It would be funny if it were not so sad.

Today, she threw a fit like we have not seen since early on in GAPS. I took a video. It's crazy to see a six year old act in such a way.

Tonight, and for the past few nights, at least, she is having a hard time sleeping because of arm and leg cramps. She remembers now how she felt before we started GAPS. She realizes that this is why we are doing GAPS. She says she knows I love her very much to cook GAPS food for her. It's not worth it to cheat. I think she knows this now. I hope she will remember the next time she is tempted to cheat.

To me, the stuff people eat these days is not food. I don't even want to put any of it in my body anymore. I hope my children realize this, too, that it's not food and that it is not to be desired. It does not tempt me anymore because I do not want to eat chemicals, petroleum, preservatives, antibiotics, hormones...

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  1. It has been a while since I last visited your blog. This pregnancy has thrown me for a loop. I know without a doubt we will be doing GAPS a few months after the baby is born (I'll just go to full GAPS for a time, until the baby is older). Anyways I just wanted to say that I am praising the Lord with you on all the success you have been having. It is soooooo encouraging to read. I was also completely blessed by one of your posts on labor, and trusting God. It couldn't have come any sooner!!! I am less than three weeks until my due date and this baby refuses to stay put, it refuses to go head down (it's been transverse this while third trimester). I have been struggling to trust the Lord with this and have been filled with utter fear. So thank you for that post!! And lastly I just wanted to say that raw goat milk tastes just like cow milk. But it does have a different protein makeup and when you pasterize it it gets that horrid taste that you find in the store. Either that or the farm is keeping their male goats too close to the females. I also find that if I use my raw goats milk in a smoothy you can get that slight taste in it as well, probably due to the acidity of the fruit on the protein in the milk. But eveyone in our family (8 of us) love our goat milk. We own two females and will be getting two more in another week. So raw goats milk is delicious!!! Give it a try sometime.

    Blessings to you and your family!!!