December 16, 2010

No Dairy Today and All is Well

Could it be my imagination? I think not! My older kids see it, too. The rough red cheeks on my little boy (3yo ds) are a little less rough and a little less red than they were yesterday. He talks more like a normal 3 year old, too. There is less repeating and more conversational speaking. It's not perfect like it was a few months back before we added the dairy, but it is definitely better than last week or even a few days ago. I'm convinced! Yet again!

Trips to the bathroom were easier. He listened a little better and stayed focused on what he was doing, so less mess to clean up, except for this morning when he had to go so very bad and could not get there fast enough and left a trail from the vanity room door to the potty about 8 feet long with puddles here and there along the way. Man, that boy can pee! He sure did his best to get there, but he really needed help and no one could drag themselves out of bed to help him. I was out of bed in a flash, though, when I heard all of the piddling in my vanity/bathroom. Looking back, it's quite funny. Ha ha! I digress. This has nothing at all to do with dairy sensitivity. Hmm.

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  1. No it is not your imagination!!! I have been dairy free for the last 6 days (intro of Maker's Diet) and the difference in my eczema and itching is phenomenal!!! I am also able to stay awake better when I should be exhausted! And my mental clarity is great! The only dairy I have is goat's chesse. I only have it every other day or so with some celery. Also no carbs (or very few) are making things much better. Hang in there! I personally know the struggles you are facing health wise and the challenges to keep children on a special diet. I am the only one on any specific diet as of now but unless I get better, I cannot go through the struggles with my children again - I need ALL the energy I can get! :) Many blessings!