August 30, 2010

Beautiful Healthy Nails, No Pimples, and Happy Feet

I have noticed recently that my nails are strong and beautiful and healthy
looking. They used to peel in thin layers and would frequently break.

I have had acne forever. Even though my mother assured me that my horrible acne
would get better as I moved out of adolescence, I continued to have pimples into
my thirties. This or two here or there. Mostly none!

My feet look younger, too, even though I am on them more now than ever. Hmm.


  1. Hi Cris,
    I would love to hear what your family would eat on a typical day.
    Good work with the healing- you are inspiring me to push through with eggs!

  2. Natalia,

    We basically eat chicken soup everyday, or chicken, broth, and veggies. We eat lots of other grass-fed meats and fats as well as organic veggies, sauerkraut juice at every meal (critical for us to digest our food), some fresh fruits and veggies, some eggs, probiotics, cod liver oil, olive and coconut oil...those are the basics. I cook with animal fats, ghee, and coconut oil.

    I am looking forward to adding in so many new foods that we have all reacted to for years. We have already added back egg yolks, nuts and berries, all very healing foods that caused much grief prior to GAPS.

    Praising God for answered prayers and His leading us to this path for healing!