August 2, 2010

A Puzzle - Putting the Pieces Together

So we are having some major die-off issues after a week on Intro (2nd time through). We are stage two, as in soups with a little egg yolk in their broth once a day. The sauerkraut juice is a new batch every 5 days or so, as we use it up so fast. Everyone is up to a sixth of a capsule of Bio-Kult.

Baby and three year old are sleeping fitfully. Older kids are going to bed late: can't fall asleep. Six year old itches. Youngest two have diaper rashes. Three year old is regressing, but not too much. He is also coughing and looking fatigued and ill. Six year old can't yawn. Eleven year old is achey, tired and has a headache. He has taken 3-4 baths a day for several days now. Three year old is rigid. His eye contact is poor. He is messy. Language is beginning to slur a bit. Six year old is easily upset. Nine year old seems to be doing fine.

The question is...coughing, hiccups, and the inability to yawn (can't get enough air), are these symptoms that mean they have an intolerance for this food (eggs?) and it should be taken out and tried again later? OR is this a healing reaction? Will they adjust if we hold at this level for a bit?

What about regressions? Egg yolks made our little three year old regress before. He is regressing again, but only a little so far. Is it a healing reaction or is it bad? I just don't know for sure.

In Dr. NCMs book, she does say that during die-off or when eating a healing food (salicylates/phenols) the person will have symptoms typical for him or her until the body clears it out. My thinking is that the BK and the SKJ and the eggs are all healing foods and the body is detoxing, which is why we are seeing these symptoms. I think we should keep everything at the same level to see if it all evens out.

Lord, please guide us. Please keep us on track and help me to remember the things I need to know. Lead me to the things I need to know. Thank You for healing us. Thank You for bringing peace to this home. Thank You for all of these beautiful children. May they all choose You as their own personal Lord and Savior and serve You all the days of their lives. Draw all of us closer to You, my King, my All in All, my Everything. AMEN


  1. I have been reading your blog for a fewc dfays now, trying to read from beginning to now. I can't thank you enough for this blog!!! We just started the GAPS diet (full, not intro) and are experiencing some bad reactions. My whole family is toxic, so I wanted to start slow and move to the intro diet when our bodies have detoxed a bit on the full diet. I am so relieved to know that some of the things we experience are "normal". I also found your prayer (I believe on day 2 or 3) so uplifting and encouraging!! It helped me through yesterday when I felt defeated and wanted to give in to temptation. I pray you and your family are doing well this second time around!

  2. Tracy,
    I am glad you were encouraged. I love the way our Lord uses our words to help others. I think we are doing well this time around. We are in no hurry anymore. We are currently eating only soups, sauerkraut juice, increasing egg yolks, and increasing Bio-Kult. We are having regressions, but then improvements. We are still eating egg yolks and the coughing, hiccuping, and inability to yawn symptoms are gone. Today I had two egg yolks and I haven't felt a bit angry like before. Yay! Praise God!