August 27, 2010

Thank You, my God, for many good things

Hi All,

I am so happy about many things.

My period has returned after 16 months and I didn't even see it coming.  No PMS symptoms!  WooHoo!

I used to have bad PMS symptoms.  I had lots of hormonal ups and downs while nursing, but not this time.  I usually have the worst PMS and the longest, most painful cycle when my menstruation resumes after having a baby.  I always had overabundant milk supply and had to be careful not to nurse too often, but not this time.  I can nurse on demand.  Too, cool.  Letdown used to be obvious and painful, but not since GAPS.

I read on WebMD "Even common disorders like thyroid disease can cause abnormalities in the nail beds, producing dry, brittle nails that crack and split easily."

I was in the process of testing for thyroid problems when I became pregnant this last time.  My nails used to be dry and brittle and they split easily.  No more!!!

All itchy places on my body are gone now for months.  I keep waiting for a return, but nothing.

I think I may have found a doctor to help us on this journey.  He's 30-40 minutes away.  He's familiar with GAPS and he came up with his own Brain Healing Diet on his own before the GAPS book came out and it is very, very similar.  He was familiar and knowledgable about everything I discussed with him.  He agreed that we should not change what is working.

CKS is a perfect 3 year old today!!! Perfect!!!  Eye contact.  Clear words.  Makes sense, as much as any 3 year old does.  No tantrums.  No rigidity.  No repeating phrases over and over and over ad nauseum.  No sloppy eating.  Perfect!  A delight!

O happy day!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  Praise Him all creatures here below!  Praise Him above ye heavenly host!  Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!  AMEN!!!!!

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