August 29, 2010

A Normal Three Year Old

I am flying high these days. Our little three year old has been the most perfect little three year old that anyone could ask for these past few days.

He listens and follows directions, even fairly complicated ones like, " Put the book on the shelf. The middle shelf. Next to the blue book."

He plays independently and happily with his siblings and neighbors.

He plays make believe! Lots of make believe.

He put together a 30 piece puzzle with a little help. He knew immediately which way to turn the pieces to make them fit.

He "reads" books out loud to himself by looking at the pictures and telling the story in his own words.

He has been using his utensils at the table and has used his nice manners with clear words like, "May I have some salt on my chicken please?"

He talks constantly, but it is conversational and not repetitive.

He laughs and smiles.

What is truly amazing about this is that he has been sick with a cold, runny nose, croupy cough, congestion. Although I have noticed that he always seems to do better during and after an illness. I really am beginning to believe that such symptoms are what we see when his body is detoxifying itself or fighting off some bad bugs.

We added and increased egg yolks a few weeks ago. That is when he first showed any signs of congestion. Then it went away. We added scrambled eggs a few days ago. No regressions in him and no anger/rage in me or anyone else. Last year when we tried to introduce yolks, he regressed and my older daughter and I became angry. We tried several times with the same results. Oh, to be able to eat whole eggs again. It's a dream!

When I say our son regressed, I mean that he went downhill in all areas and even began grabbing at his eyes again and losing his balance. I feared seizures and backed off. I believe they were seizures. They looked like some of the absence seizures I found on YouTube, also known as petit mal seizures. I am thankful that they have gone away and we are not seeing this with the addition of yolks this time around. WooHoo!!!

Praise God with me! Dance with me! Celebrate! I couldn't be happier than I am right now.

Thank You, Father, for guiding us, for giving us the knowledge that we needed. Thank You for giving us the strength and the resources to do what we are doing. Thank You for the healing we are seeing in all of the children and in myself. Thank You!

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