August 28, 2010

Looking for a Doctor to help us on This Journey

I have questions that can't be answered satisfactorily on a yahoo group. I need a doctor, a nutritionist, someone who is knowledgeable about these things to work with, to learn from.

I have questions like:

"What causes the severe leg cramps in my daughter when she eats certain foods and when she gets more sun than usual?

"What causes all of the nighttime accidents?" & "Is there a test to confirm what could be causing it?" & "Could we do a test?" & "Is it a problem? Do we need to do something about it?"

"Are we getting enough vitamins? Do we need any additional supplements?" & "Is there a test for that?"

"Why do egg yolks cause regressions when CKS has more than a little?"

I think I may have found the one to help me. I hope so. I prayed that God would make it obvious to me about whether this doctor is the right one to help us or not. He has his own Brain Healing Diet that is VERY similar to the GAPS diet. He is familiar with the GAPS diet. He is supportive of us continuing on GAPS because it is working. He suggested some testing and several supplements that are probably needed. He will work with me and with what I need for my son (family). Now that CKS is a patient, I can e-mail him with questions. Maybe I will finally get some answers. I hope so.

I won't post his name until I know for sure and only with his permission, so if you are wondering who, you will have to wait.

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