September 23, 2009

Casserole Day - It Was a HUGE Success!

The kids were so excited because today we were going to make a casserole after more than two weeks of soups, broths, meats and veggies.  I made two small casseroles for lunch because I was experimenting.  I didn't want to make one big casserole that everyone hated and then have nothing to eat for lunch.  That would not do!

As it turned out, the kids loved, I mean LOVED both of the casseroles!  The said, and I quote, "I am at Olive Garden!  This is the best you have ever made!"  (8 year old girl)  "This reminds me of Olive Garden!"  (5 year old girl)  Note: We ate at Olive Garden as a treat several weeks before we started our GAPS adventure.  They absolutely LOVE to eat at Olive Garden, so this was truly the best compliment they could ever give me.  I have posted the recipes below:

I am not a cook, really! It is so plain and simple, but to us it was wonderful!

I put a layer of leftover roast in the bottom of the casserole dish. I cut the roast into small pieces.

I cooked green beans in one pot with some chicken broth and sea salt and layered these over the meat.

I cooked carrots, zucchini, and yellow squash in another pot with just water and sea salt. I took about half of these and layered them over the green beans.

I poured a little broth and about a cup of rendered beef fat over this and sprinkled with a little salt.

I pureed the rest of the carrots, zucchini, and yellow squash with some of the broth and poured this over the top of the casserole and drizzled more beef fat on top. Then I added a touch more salt on top.

I baked it at 350 F for 30 minutes. That’s it! I made it up today using the very few foods my family can actually tolerate.

The other casserole was basically the same, but it was…


Green beans

Broccoli and cauliflower

Rendered fat and sea salt

Blended cauliflower drizzled with more rendered fat and sprinkled with sea salt

I only served the second casserole to two children, but they loved it! It made the 5 year old sick. Apparently she can’t tolerate the broccoli or the cauliflower. None of us can eat the broccoli or the cauliflower except our 11 year old. He ate most of the small casserole for lunch and he is just fine. Go figure.  Enjoy!

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